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Cannot create new TFS 2010 project with SharePoint: TF250044

When attempting to create a new TFS 2010 project with aSharePoint portal, I receive:

TF218017: A SharePoint site could not be created for use as the team project portal. The following error ocurred: TF250044: A SharePoint site cannot be created at the following location: http://svr/sites/DefaultCollection/proj1. The following user account does not have the required permissions in SharePoint Products to create a site at that location: SVR\joe. The user account must have sufficient permissions to create a sub-site on the following site: http://svr/sites/DefaultCollection/proj1.

In SharePoint, joe is a member of FarmAdministrators, a user with Full Control and a member of the Site Collection Administrators. In short, in the same groups as the admin account as far as I can tel. If I connect to TFS as admin, rather than joe, the project creation succeeds, so it is some sort of permissions issue.

This is a single server deployment; bare metal Win Serv 2008 R2, SQL Server 2008, TFS 2010. I installed TFS as Admin, created user account Joe on server and Win 7 client.


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Answer 1

Moved to TFS forum for better response.



Answer 2

Hi estein,

>>> a user with Full Control and a member of the Site Collection Administrators

Do you mean  http://svr/sites/DefaultCollection?  Could joe create  a new site http://svr/sites/DefaultCollection using IE directly? Joe should have the full control permission of  http://svr/sites/DefaultCollection.


Answer 3

I came across the exact same problem and found that I needed to add my account to the Site collection administrators of the DefaultCollection.  

I did that by:

Using the TFS Setup account, navigate to http://myserver/sites/DefaultCollection  Click on Site Actions and select Site settings.  Under Users and Permissions, click the link Site collection administrators Added my account in the domain/account format and clicked ok

Once I had done the above, I was able to successfully create  the TFS Project.

Hope that helps.


Answer 4

Thanks - that did the trick.

Answer 5

Faithless99, thank you! It worked!!

Answer 6

Thank you very much from germany.

Answer 7

Thanks :-)


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