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Custom Link Types in TFS 2010

The following blog post describes how to extend TFS 2005 with a custom link type:




How do you do this in TFS 2010?  Does it require a VSIX package?  How do you register the new link type with the TFS server?




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Answer 1

Hi Roe,

In TFS 2010, you can create and modify link types by using Process Editor, a power tool for Visual Studio. This tool is not supported. For more information, see the following page on the Microsoft Web site: Team Foundation Server Power Tools April 2010.

For more information, you can refer to TFS Power Tools help: from Start->All Programs->Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010 Power Tools->help. You can refer to Edit a Process Template|Managing Link Types

In TFS 2010, you can use a .xml file like

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>


<LinkType ReferenceName="System.LinkTypes.Dependency" ForwardName="Successor" ReverseName="Predecessor" Topology="Dependency" />


and modify it like this:


<LinkType ReferenceName="MyLinks.LinkTypes.MyLink" ForwardName="My Successor" ReverseName="My Predecessor" Topology="Dependency" />


NOTE: It is important to change the namespace from “System.” To “MyLinks.” (or some other name), because “System.” Is a protected namespace

Run witadmin.exe importlinktype to import the link type file to your collection, then go to your Team Explorer and select Refresh, or close and reopen your Visual Studio.

It is not required a VSIX package.

For more information, you can refer to http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd273716.aspx

Hope it helps!

Best Regards,



Answer 2


Thank you for your response, but that's not what I mean by "custom link type".  What I'd like to do is create a custom external link in TFS that has its own dialog within Team Explorer. 

The blog post link in my original post describes creating a custom dialog control, adding a registry entry to tell team explorer where to find it, and register the control with TFS using the tfsreg.exe tool.

How do you do this registration in TFS 2010 because the tfsreg.exe tool no longer exists?  Does it have to be implemented as a plugin or is there another way?





Answer 3

Hi Nathan,

Sorry for the delayed response!

In TFS 2010, the TFSReg.exe command-line tool has been removed because you'll be able to set a lot of those details using the TFS Administration Console UI.

The following blog is a sample about Extending Team Projects and Team Explorer in TFS 2010, which you can refer to:


For your issue we're doing research, it might take some time before we get back to you. During this time, if the issue is resolved, we will appreciate it if you can share the solution so that the answer can be found and use by other community members having similar questions.

Best Regards,



Answer 4


Have you been able to dig up any more information on this?






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