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Custom Managed metadata column - Not getting indexed


I've created a custom managed metadata column as per the article http://www.wictorwilen.se/Post/How-to-provision-SharePoint-2010-Managed-Metadata-columns.aspx

I'm able to see the column mapped correctly to the termset and so on. I can enter the mapped terms in this column. However when I crawl the content, I can see the cawled property getting created, but it shows "there are zero documents in the index using this property".

If I manually create a managed data column, then the indexing works properly.

This is the schema of my custom managed metadata column

<Field ID="{9CE69841-358B-486E-B39E-A130FAE3B854}"
    DisplayName=My Hierarchy"
    Group="My Custom Columns"

Any help appreciated



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Answer 1

You must have a document item that uses that column for crawl to pick it up. Do that and try again.

If you ever doubt your custom column schema, deploy your column side-by-side with the one you created in the interface, then open the two columns with SharePoint Manager 2010 and compare the schema in the lists. You will find any differences easily.


SharePoint 2010 MCM. Feel free to contact me http://www.sharepoint.bg/radi


Answer 2

Thanks. Let me compare with SharePoint Manager 2010.

I didn't understand your other part of the answer abt having a document item. I added the column to a content type which inherits from Page content type and created a new page using that.

I have also tried adding the column to a content type which inherits from Document content type, but same issue.


Answer 3



“You must have a document item that uses that column for crawl to pick it up.” Radi.A metioned is mening that you have to create a new document in that library you have used this custom managed metadata column.

And for content type is same, you have to add it into a library and create a new item based on this content type and crawl again.


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