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Customizing a New List Form in Sharepoint adding a button to query data


I have a list with certain fields.

1. Serial Number

2. Customer Name

3 Phone

Now the deal is my client is looking for a button after the serial number when we click the button then it would automatically update the

2. Customer Name

3 Phone

getting data from Oracle.

I have written a webservice to get these data from i used it in Infopath Forms but how can i add it in a list form in the Newform.aspx


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Answer 1

I would customize the Newform.aspx, by adding  Custom list form controls.

add the button  next to Serial Number.

Onclick of the button invoke the jquery function, which queries the list  based on the value entered in the text box, then use assign the value to the text box using jquery/javascript.

Here is an example of querying : http://weblogs.asp.net/jan/archive/2009/05/06/querying-sharepoint-list-items-using-jquery.aspx


~Uday, http://www.mstechblogs.com/sharepoint




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