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how to Develop an windows mobile application with multiple forms?

How to develop windows mobile apps with multiple forms? we are developing an app which contains approximately 40+ screens i am confused whether

1.To use multiple forms that is one form for each screen.
2.Or is there any other method to achieve this?
3.Though not more than one form will be active all the time? does it consumes more device memory if we use that many forms?

and between no screens are same each are different any idea on this will be really helpful


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Answer 1

1.To use multiple  forms that is one form  for each screen.

Select Windows CE 5.0 Project while u r creating new project. If you already have, the application  on different platforms like Windows Mobile 5.0 just change platform from WM5.0 to Windwos CE 5.0 ( Project menu --> Change target platform)

2.Or is there any other method  to achieve  this?

refer to the above

3.Though not more than one form will be active  all the time? does it consumes  more device  memory if we use that many forms?

Always try to keep open parent form and keep closing the child forms  and try to use single ton pattern. This way does not consume much memory. Dont come to the conculsion whether the application is slow by testing only on emulator. Please test it on device as device is faster than emulator.


Answer 2

My question is if we create 50 forms  in application  but only 2 forms are active  at any given time  does it consume more mobile/device memory? though i guess it increases the application size i guess it does not take any memory  on system RAM unless and until we declare or activate the form  am i rite?


Answer 3


Every new instance of a form  takes some memory, so the definitely more memory  is consumed. As to how much more is taken, the Remote Performance Monitor tool can tell you:

Analyzing Device Application Performance with the .Net Compact Framework Remote Performance Monitor
(Video)How Do I: Detect Managed Memory Leaks Using Remote Performance Monitor?


Chunsheng Tang


Answer 4

Hi Manjunath,

As Chunsheng Tang stated it occupies. but to reduce the memory  consumption, try not to place any controls on the parent form  specially which consumes  more memory like image list,.....

The link which is provides really helps to work on optimization(speed, memory occupation,..)  and it only works from CF2.0 SP1.




Answer 5

Thanks for the Reply

As we have to start UI coding from next week can u suggest whether

1.  Is it normal to use 55 forms  for the mobile  application though only two forms are active all the time..............


2.  do we have to use Panels though i thought of using panels managing all the 50 screens  on one form  using panel is very confusing any idea  whether to use panel or forms?

Manjunath c.v



Answer 6

1.It’s not quite normal to maintain an instance for every form  in your application  at the same time. The users never use them at the same time; instead they usually use a small portion of them within a certain period of time.

The first option you can use to optimize your application is using “lazy initialization”, which means you do not create an instance of a form until it is being accessed.

Another option is applying some kind of caching policy. For example, you can choose to maintain a maximum of 10 form instances which are most lately (or frequently) accessed; or you can dispose a form after it hasn’t been used for a certain period of time.

2.Using switchable user controls should save some memory, though I don’t think the difference is significant, so maybe you can just choose the one you are more familiar with. Whatever way you choose, you need to make a compromise; and the Remote Performance Tool will help you in this regard.

Besides, there is a Compact Composite UI Application Block included in the Mobile Client Software Factory which aims to help you build a better UI. You don’t have to use it but the guidelines might be helpful to you:



Answer 7

Hello Manjunath,

How did you develop  this application  with multi forms  on windows  mobile. Can you please tell me which tell me which pattern you adopted.


Answer 8

I am also wondering which method  is best for Mobile programming with multiple  forms.

Parent Form, Main Method, Panels (?)

I am creating a project with multiple forms  and I am finding it very difficult to navigate through forms.



I`m working on it for a few months.

I`m looking for interested people that wants to join or colaborate in the development of this augmented reality application.

If is someone interested, please post a message on this topic.

I accept any suggestion and opinions about this.




I have seen a lot of posts in this forum concerning the question how to develop mobile web applications with Visual Studio 2008. In VS 2008 the templates for Mobile Web Forms are missing and there is no more designer support for ASP.NET Mobile Controls. In the Your Websites, Our Passion! blog you can download a ZIP file with the templates compiled by Omar Kahn.

And I found another interesting blog post about the Microsoft Mobile Device Platforms with a discussion when Mobile Controls should be used and when not.


I developed a windows forms application. Some of the fields/text boxes on all the forms are such that it must be visible by all the other  forms in the application. How I can achieve that?



How to develop windows mobile apps with multiple forms? we are developing an app which contains approximately 40+ screens i am confused whether

1.To use multiple forms that is one form for each screen.
2.Or is there any other method to achieve this?
3.Though not more than one form will be active all the time? does it consumes more device memory if we use that many forms?

and between no screens are same each are different any idea on this will be really helpful



I was using the htc tytnII with TOMTOM navigator 6 gps navigation. i recently upgraded my phone to the htc pure with windows mobile 6.5. Everything works perfectly except the tomtom. Tomtom told me that microsoft should develop some kind of patch for the 6.0 softwares to run on the 6.5.

Any input is greatly appreciated



I want to develop mobile ASP.NET application using vs2008. I tried installing MMIT and Windows Mobile 6 SDK. But still I am not able to see control in vs2008 or not able to see any project template to create mobile application. I request any to please help me.


Venkata Raman


Hi All,

Am using Nokia X6 mobile, i want to develop some mobile applicaitons in .net, and install  them. Nokia X6 uses symbian os, so how do I go forward with this?

What are the softwares that need to be installed in my mobile?

Pls, provide me some detail steps on how to develop and install mobile applications in .net, for symbian os mobiles like Nokia X6

Thanks in Advance,




I am new to develop a mobile application.

I have visual studio 2010.

How i can develop a mobile application


Please give me necessary steps


Thank's in Advance


I see that VS 2008 is required for developing Windows Mobile 6.1 applications.  I recently purchased vs2010 professional.  Do I need to now purchase VS2008 or is there a free downgrade?



Hi Guys,

 I have an interview scheduled in next 3 days for a job which requires "developing drivers in the Windows Mobile 6.x environment".

I did most of Web Dev and Windows Dev but i have limited knowledge of Mobile platform . I have been searching online but could not find useful info . Can anybody please direct me to any resource which might help in learning about mobile dev in general and developing drivers for 6.x environment in particular.




Hello, im a newbie in SL, and here's my problem.

I want to develop a tutoring application, that may contains many pages, such as: login screen, main menu, tutoring pages, exam papers, result page, edit student profile, etc,, So you can see that my application contains many "forms". If i develop it in typical VB.net its fine, no problem. But now, i have to develop it in Silverlight. 

Do you have any suggestion how to do it?, because as i know, SL pages means XAML, and its not good to have many XAML page, moreover, i've tried many times to control button's navigation over XAML pages, and it didn;t work well. (ERROR HTTP 404)

Here's my config: Silverlight 4, developed using Microsoft Expression Blend 4. 

Thank you so much. :)



Hi all, I am working on a Windows device application where i want to create a signature functionality. Now i got the code to create a signature but i want to create a image file of that signature and want to save that at particular location on my mobile device. By this later on i want to upload that image file through web. How can i achieve this thing. I need this as soon as possible,

Kind Regards and thanks in advance,

Varun Kumar


I'm new here in this forum and I'm sure you can help me solving a "little" issue!
I'm using VB2008 express on a Windows XP Pro PC.

I have to develop a software able to perform some scientific calculations in the field mechanical engineering; to be more precise, this software must be able to predict the torsional vibration behaviour of crankhsfts and drive-trains.
To build my model I need a library of pre-configured elements (organised in a toolbox), that I can drag&drop in my working area and then link together properly to build the model itself.
Also the load cases and the input data should be organised in a toolbox as pre-configured elements that I can chose and fill-in accordingly.

The application I have in mind is something more complex as a drawing pad. To give you an example of such apps I post the link of the description of a similar software architecture, but developed for acoustic simulations (it is a pdf file)



At pages 20 and 21 you can see the working area of the software with toolbox elements to build the model.

I want to create a software like that.

In the past I have written some code in VB6 to perform engineering calculations, but so far not a real application where the user can build a model starting from the schratch.


I need really a step by step introduction starting from the scratch!

Many commercial software are organised and function like that but I have no idea how to do it!

I thank you all in advance for your help and precious suggestions.


I have inherited an application which currently runs on windows mobile 5 devices.  We want to upgrade the hardware devices it runs on to take advantage of 3G network connectivity and we were told that the application will need to be upgraded to run on the new Win mobile 6.5 OS.  I am new to mobile applications development but am adequate with .Net, ASPX forms, VB, VB.net, VBA etc... and am wondering if this is something I can attempt to take on myself if there is a roadmap out there.

1. is that true or are applications backwords compatible if we only want it to run as is with no new functionality?

2. If true is there a script or conversion utility available that will allow me to take original C++ application (we own source code although we no longer have access to original developer) and "recompile" it to run on new mobile OS that is standard on new devices. 

3.  Is there an option to utilize new hardware cellular connectivity improvements (3G etc.) and run windows mobile 5.0 in some sort of emulator to allow our old application to run without having to port it.




we have started new development machine for MOSS 2007 + SP2 on windows 2008 R2 64 bit and SQL 2208, and for that purpose we installed first VS.NET 2008 system team, after that we created nw project and added related reference or SharePoint assemblies to the project after that we add some code to the usercontrol that we are planning to use it in the sharepoint development using smartpart,

normally the code would be like that "SPSite mysite = new SPSite("http://developmetnserver:xxxx");" we ketp breakpoint on this line so once click F5 the pointer will stop on the line to check code , now after we click on F11 to proceed in debugging error message is showing:

"The Web application at http://developmetnserver:tXXXX/ could not be found. Verify that you have typed the URL correctly. If the URL should be serving existing content, the system administrator may need to add a new request URL mapping to the intended application"

we are not able to diagnose the issue why sharepoint is not accessible from inside Object Model of SharePoint 2007 64 bit during development using visual studio 2008 or visual studio2010 Pro

Sharepoint Specialist

I am having the query

How to Pack my windows application developed in .net 2.0 using C#

with the following components

1)Dotnet framework 2.0
3)Windows Installer
4)My project 1
5)my project 2

I tried with nsis scripting. but only one component is installed at a time.

My intention is to install all the components step by step into a fresh system which is not having framework or sqlexpress

I anybody knows help me

thnks & regds



I am going to develop an application for a total station whose OS is Microsoft Windows CE.NET 4.2.

I don't know about CE system much and now I am asking for help.

What are needed to develop a application program for Microsoft Windows CE.NET 4.2?

Where can I download them? (Address preferred)



Hi experts,

      I want to write a Microsoft exam which based on "Developing and Implementing Windows-Based Applications with Microsoft Visual C# .NET"

      I found out Exam 70-316.But it is a retired exam, so i can not write it.

      Yesterday i found Exam 98-362.but it has no training materials...

      Is there any other exams in this category?


Where can the code be found for this presentation by RobTiffany?


hi friends i am having some 6 to 7 screens that are designed as windows forms and what i am want is the application should get started automatically when windows get started and an icon should be created in the taskbar and once i click on the icon the window should open in taskbar only same as google chat or skype and i want to implement some functionality in that forms and i dont know how to use forms in taskbar and i am doing some attendence related project using fingerprint tool and i will be writing some fingerprint related functionality in the button click or form load and i want to open one register form as default page after clicking submit button the existing form should close and one more form should open.

this all functionality should work on the taskbar only please tell me friends if u have any idea as it is very urgent

thanks in advance

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