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Document Library - Merge Document saved as local copy

We are using WSS 3.0 and I am trying to find the most efficient process for the following....

If you open a document within a document library that has already been opened by someone else, you get a prompt with some options, one of those options being to save a local copy and merge later.  When you save this document, it adds a "for merge" to the end of the filename.

The question is what is the eaiest path to merge this with the original document using Word 2007?

The way this document was added to the document library is it was uploaded to it, not created using Word and Document Workspace.  Does this matter?  The reason why i mentioned this is that i read somewhere that if you "publish" the document to a document workspace within Word 2007, this process becomes much easier?  Is this true?  How can I accomplish something similiar with documents already uploaded to Sharepoint using the standard upload feature?


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Hey Sromine,

This is absolutely the best Blog on this subject - it should answer all your questions but if not please be sure to post additional questions back to this thread:



I hope that helps!



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