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How to enable .rptproj support in 2010 RC? (report designer files)

Could someone please tell me how to open .rptproj projects in 2010RC?

I'm guessing I need to install the client tools somehow. I tried reinstalling SQL Server 2008 but this did not work.

The error given is: cannot be opened because its project type (.rptproj) is not supported by this version of the application .

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Answer 1

Same problem here... Please help! :-)

Answer 2


Visual Studio 2010 does not support  Business Intelligence projects from SQL Server 2008 R2 or earlier. In Visual Studio 2010, if you attempt to upgrade a project that is created in Business Intelligence Development Studio, the upgrade will not succeed. Business Intelligence Development Studio for Visual Studio 2010 is currently under consideration for future releases of SQL Server.
excerpted from connect website.

For more inf , Please take a look at the thread:


Answer 3

Just read the URL you provided, the feature is still non-exist.

But anyone of you got any work-around methods?



Answer 4

I just finished upgrading our solution to VS2010, only to find that our two .rptproj Reporting Service Projects will not load.  These are SQL 2005 reporting projects.  I've read the link that Harry provided, but there is no solution given to the problem.

Please help ... we seriously want to move to VS2010 but cannot if it won't even open up a reporting project.


Answer 5


well well, our current work around is don't load it in 2010, keep the rpt project in 2008, the 2010 project is still buildable without loading the rpt projects.



Hi all,

I have VS 2010 RC and Silverlight 4 RC toolkit for VS 2010 installed in my machine. Also I have installed following patches for VS 2010

  1. KB980920

  2. KB976272

  3. KB980610

I get the following designer error for Silverlight 4 projects in VS2010 RC:


Value cannot be null.Parameter name: parentContext

at Microsoft.Windows.Design.Metadata.ReflectionMetadataContext..ctor(IMetadataContext parentContext) at MS.Internal.Host.ProjectMetadataContext..ctor(IMetadataContext platformMetadata, AssemblyReferenceProvider referenceProvider) at MS.Internal.Host.ProjectMetadataContext.FromReferences(AssemblyReferenceProvider referenceProvider) at MS.Internal.Designer.VSDesigner.GetMetadataForDesignerContext(DesignerContext designerContext) at MS.Internal.Host.PersistenceSubsystem.Load() at MS.Internal.Host.Designer.Load() at MS.Internal.Designer.VSDesigner.Load() at MS.Internal.Designer.VSIsolatedDesigner.VSIsolatedView.Load() at MS.Internal.Designer.VSIsolatedDesigner.VSIsolatedDesignerFactory.Load(IsolatedView view) at MS.Internal.Host.Isolation.IsolatedDesigner.BootstrapProxy.LoadDesigner(IsolatedDesignerFactory factory, IsolatedView view) at MS.Internal.Host.Isolation.IsolatedDesigner.BootstrapProxy.LoadDesigner(IsolatedDesignerFactory factory, IsolatedView view) at MS.Internal.Host.Isolation.IsolatedDesigner.Load() at MS.Internal.Designer.DesignerPane.LoadDesignerView()


Can anyone suggest what causes this problem? 



Where/how to get the 2010 report deisgner and report viewer integrated into a VWD 2010 Express project?


I have SPD 2010 and a 2010 Sharepoint site. I cannot edit in SPD. I get the following meesage: "this web site has been configured to disallow editing with Sharepoint Designer".

I have made the following changes:

1. Sharepoint 2010 Central Admin/application managemnt/manage web applications/ click on web site/general settings/sharepoint designer and enabled all options.

2. Site actions/site settings/sharepoint designer settings and enabled all options.


Nothing works. Please can anyone help?


I was hoping, hoping, hoping we'd finally get L2S/DBML designer support in 2010, but alas we're still left out in the cold. Is there any glimmer of hope for this? 2012, if we make it that far?

I'd be grateful for any news...



Hi there,

I'm trying to make a silent installation of VS 2010 RC using unattend file.
I successfuly created the unattend file.

When I'm launching the installation using the  \\server\VS2010\Setup\setup.exe /unattendfile \\server\VS2010\VS2010_deployment.ini command line, everything work fine until the PC reboot.
Then, I log on and the Visual Studio installation screen appear and I have to choose accept the licence, choose the custom or full installation, etc.

I tried this http://blogs.msdn.com/astebner/archive/2006/03/17/554248.aspx but I cannot adapt this tutorial to VS 2010.

Does someone have some tips for me ?

Thank you


I had installed Crystal Report for Visual Studio 2010, and I can create a report but I can´t attach it to a Window Form because in my toolbox I can´t find CrystalReportViewer tool. How can I put this tool in the toolbox?




Hi All,
OS:Windows 7 Professional (32 bit),x86 architecture
Compiler:Visual Studion 2008 Professional SP1
wxWidgets 2.8.11

I have migrated my  vc++ application from wxWindows 2.4.1 to wxWidgets 2.8.11 and from vc 6.0 to vc 9.0
Though my program compiles without error and runs without any error messege but the GUI  of the applkication is not visible.

I am using .rc files and resource.h header file to be used be the .rc files in the vc++ projects.

While migrating to  higher version (from vc ++ 6.0 to vc ++ 9.0) what care needs to be taken care of for the resource.h header files or the .rc resource files????????

Kindly reply..

Thanks Regards




I've update my project to .Net 4 Client Profile and converted the reports to 2008 format.  Whenever I try and add a new dataset to an existing or new report it crashes Visual Studio.

Thanks in advance.




Where can I find accessibility reports option in designer 2010? Is it totally removed? If yes, then what is the use of having accessibility task pane on the IDE?




Hi ,

I have installed VS2010 Ultimate version and placed a report viewer in a web form . When i try to design a report thru the report viewer i get this error.

Could not load file or assembly 'ZedGraph' version = , Culture = neutral , PublicKeyToken = 02a83cbd12fcd60 or one of its dependencies . The system cannot find the file specified .



Visual Studio 2010 report designer:

How can we put the Plus sign off if there are no records available in the subreport? (This option is enabled by check marking "Display can be toggled by this report item" prompt at the Sub report properties dialog box.



I've got an app that hosts a browser control. In it, I loop through a set of reports (displaying a dashboard of them). The problem is, I don't want the toolbar to display, so I'm using rc:Toolbar=false. This gets the toolbar to not display, but the problem is, the reports don't refresh (I have timestamps in the reports, and they remain the same).

I'm not caching the reports- I have them set to the default setting of run the report each time.

So, how can I get both the toolbar hidden AND the report to be refreshed? I tried looking at the stylesheets, but can't figure out how to hide the entire report toolbar using those.




My employer needs to generate audit reports of the SPD Custom Workflows we use to route our documents to a Records Center. Unfortunately, the built-in Excel Audit Logs reports are barely decipherable (I can link up a Site ID and List ID to their respective objects in the Portal...but not my users) and the information given is usually just "Update", "Check In", and "Check Out" under the Event column and under Event Data "<Version><Major>1</Major><Minor>0</Minor></Version>".

The ideal report would be to generate a list consisting of Document Name and Location, Event Date, Event Description, the Username that affected the document and maybe the Workflow Name or something.

Any ideas on how to get meaningful Audit Reports that I could have my users access without code?

The only other idea I am considering is to create an InfoPath form to which my users can attach their document and append the various events into a multi-line text field which only the System account has write access to.

Hi All

I desperately need the new feature in the latest RDL (I'll call it 2010), using page breaks to reset page numbering for a group.

I have downloaded Report Builder 3.0 and modified the report to use this new feature. It now states that the schema is the 2010 version. It is a local mode report with a connection string to a data source.

I had then assumed that if I created a new web page in VS 2008, and loaded the Report Viewer library, that I could view the report in my page. This does not seem to be the case. I also tried in VS 2010.

I don't understand how I can run the report in Report Builder 3.0 but not using the latest report viewer. What am I doing wrong? I am donloading SQL Server 2008 R2 at the moment, I assume this will help but in what way? Is there a new Report Viewer control with it? Or do you just have to have R2 installed to run RDL 2010 reports?

Thanks for your help,



I've configuredthe BLOBstoragefor SharePoint 2010 (Search Server 2010 Express + SQL 2008 R2 Standard). NowI have theproblemwhen Iuploada file ina library,Iget the following errormessage:

TheURL "Bib/test.txtis invalid.Perhaps it refers to anonexistentfile orfolder,or itrefersto avalid fileor folderoutsidethe currentsite.

Iput the SharePointloggingto a maximum,unfortunately,nothing is displayed inthe logs. Didanyone everhave the same problem?


PS C:\Users\spsetupuser> $cdb = Get-SPContentDatabase -WebApplication "http://dev-wsf2010-sr:90"
PS C:\Users\spsetupuser> $rbss = $cdb.RemoteBlobStorageSettings
PS C:\Users\spsetupuser> $rbss.Installed()
PS C:\Users\spsetupuser> $rbss.Enable()
PS C:\Users\spsetupuser> $rbss.SetActiveProviderName($rbss.GetProviderNames()[0]
PS C:\Users\spsetupuser> $rbss

            Enabled ActiveProviderName  MinimumBlobStorageS UpgradedPersistedPr
                                                        ize operties
            ------- ------------------  ------------------- -------------------
               True FilestreamProvid...                   0 {}




best regards

S. Röhner


As speaker about Axum technology at Microsoft TechDays10 in Paris, I'd like to know your position on the future of Axum. 

- Have you some targets for 2010 ?

Personally, I found this new language that suit the current need: provide a technology that enables all developers to develop parallel applications safely and easily. Looking at the various blogs on Axum (official and Niklas) I note that there are few updates.

- Do you provide soon a new version compatible with VS2010 RC with a greater support of compiler's specifiactions Axum ?

I'm confident that you are on the good way, please continue to improve it, we need Axum !!!




I have created SSRS reports using SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio 2008 and deployed on a sharepoint website.

When i am trying open these reports (rdl file) in report builder following error message is shown.

"This report cannot be opened in report builder".


Please help.


Thanks in Advance.




I'm attempting to add support for a Order of Precedence Log file. I built the viewer in WPF first, in one window. Now I want to be able to add a Visual Studio Plugin that will read the Forever Log Files (fLog) and use my window. I was hoping to be able to tell VS Extension to open my tool window when some opens a .fLog file (wether from a project or froma outside file) get the file location and then load the tool window.

I can't seem to find any comprehensive information, any sugestions on where to start. I already have a .net extension and I'm leaving it to be supplied a File Location.

In order to use Silverlight 4 Beta 2 w/ RIA, I need to run VS 2010 Beta. After uninstalling the RC via uninstall programs, I attempted to install Beta 2 via the iso and got the error log below (why the date is 11/13/09 when the system clock has a date of 3/9/10, I do not know.)

How can I install Beta 2 after having uninstalled the RC or better yet how can I run Silverlight 4 Beta 2 w/ RIA with the RC

[11/13/09,19:15:14] Microsoft Application Error Reporting: [2] dlmgr: Unable to Cancel Job : hr= 0x80200002
[11/13/09,19:15:14] Microsoft Application Error Reporting: [2] dlmgr: CDownloadJobCompositeImpl: Download completed with hr = 0x80004004
[11/13/09,19:15:14] setup.exe: [2] ISetupComponent::Pre/Post/Install() failed in ISetupManager::InternalInstallManager() with HRESULT -2147467260.
[11/13/09,19:15:14] setup.exe: [2] CSetupManager::RunInstallPhase() - Call to Pre/Install/Post for InstallComponents failed
[11/13/09,19:15:14] setup.exe: [2] CSetupManager::RunInstallPhaseAndCheckResults() - RunInstallPhase() returned a NULL piActionResults
[11/13/09,19:15:14] setup.exe: [2] CSetupManager::RunInstallFromList() - RunInstallPhaseAndCheckResults failed [2]
[11/13/09,19:15:14] setup.exe: [2] ISetupManager::RunInstallLists(IP_PREINSTALL failed in ISetupManager::RunInstallFromThread()
[11/13/09,19:15:15] setup.exe: [2] ISetupManager::RunInstallFromThread() failed in ISetupManager::RunInstall()
[11/13/09,19:15:15] setup.exe: [2] CSetupManager::Run() - Call to RunInstall() failed
[11/13/09,19:15:15] VS70pgui: [2] Return for Microsoft Application Error Reporting indicates a failed installation. DepCheck indicates the component is installed.
[11/13/09,19:15:15] VS70pgui: [2] DepCheck indicates VC 9.0 Runtime (x86) was not attempted to be installed.
[11/13/09,19:15:15] VS70pgui: [2] DepCheck indicates VC 10.0 Runtime (x86) was not attempted to be installed.
[11/13/09,19:15:16] VS70pgui: [2] DepCheck indicates VC 10.0 Runtime (x64) was not attempted to be installed.
[11/13/09,19:15:16] VS70pgui: [2] DepCheck indicates Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Beta 2 was not attempted to be installed.

Currently using: MOSS 2007 - SQL SERVER 2005 - Office 2007 Pro Plus


Just before we all get excited, could some one from MSFT answer the following :

- At the moment we are using MacroView's Wisdom connector to save emails, word, excel,  ppt documents in MOSS libraries.

Question: Will SharePoint 2010 support email and document filing OR do we still have to buy 3rd party connectors to have basic features which should have been in MOSS to start with ?

Please advice.


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