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Error TF218017/TF250044 when creating a team project on a TFS configured for Sharepoint services

I have a TFS 2010 test installation on a Windows Server 2008 Enterprise SP2. While confguring the TFS the SharePoint Services 3.0 were installed. So far all seems to work fine, I can create team project collections and I get a SharePoint site for them. As the "Administrator" user who installed the TFS I even can create team projects with the associated SharePoint sites.

My problem is, that if another (local) user who is member of the TFS group "Project Collection Administrators" creates a team project, I get the error "TF218017: A SharePoint site could not be created for use as the team project portal. The following error occurred: TF250044: A SharePoint site cannot be created at the following location: http://<Sharepoint site address>. The following user does not have the required permissions in SharePoint to create a site at that location: <user name> ...".

I added the user to the "Service Accounts for SharePoint Web Application" in the Team Foundation Server Administration Console. I added the user as well to the SharePoint Farm Administrator group, to the "Site Collection Administrators" and to the site collection administrators in "Application Management" as the second administrator (all I could do so far) in SharePoint. The result was the same: Still not enough rights.

I am running out of ideas. What could possibly be the source of this problem?




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Answer 1

You will need to have Site Owner permissions at the root site where the /sites managed path is held.

Now, an easy way to work with that is to use this tool  http://tfsadmin.codeplex.com/


Answer 2

Thanks for the reply.

Even adding the user to the Site Owners group of the root site did not help. I still ge the error. And the user was already in the Site Collection Administrators group. According to the documentation the user should "have access to and control over all sites in the site collection. This means that they can perform the same actions as site owners, but on any site in the site collection".

If I try to create a subsite in the SharePoint site directly via this user, it works. Obviously the user has enough rights to create sub sites. It just does not work if I create a team  project. Must be a problem that is either not related to rights at all or that involves other rights (like missing rights on a system folder).

Thanks for the link to the admin tool. Would be very helpful if it worked for the TFS 2010 and for Visual Studio 2010 as well. But on installation I get the error  that "Team Foundation Server Team Explorer 2008 Service Pack 1" is not installed. Which is not, because I have VS 2010 installed.


Answer 3

I solved the problem myself. Users who create team  projects must only have full control rights on the SharePoint site of the team project  collection. To set this, open this site (http://<server name>/sites/<collection name>), click on "People and Groups", click on "New / Add User", enter the user name and set the full control rights.

The user does not need to have any other rights in SharePoint whatsoever (no site owner, no site collection administrator a.s.o.) to be able to create team projects. But he must be given appropriate rights on the team project sub site separately (using the address http://server2008/sites/<team project collection name>/<team project name>/_layouts/user.aspx). Otherwise he would not even have the right to view the sub site he created himself. Weird. Same must be done with all users who are member of a team working on a team project.

That only counts for the TFS 2010. I have no idea how the TFS 2008 works.



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