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How To Get Insert count,TotalRecords count and updated Count in SendMail Task?

Hi All,

I have one logtable.In log table i have insert_count,Total_Records_count and Updated_Count column's.I need those information in my mail.If the package executed sucessfully i need those info my mail.Please help me with this issue.






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Answer 1

you mentioned that you have them in a table

make 3 variable ( uVar_input , uVar_ErrorRecords, uVar_Update ) use a SQL Task and run a select on the table  and populate the variables

use a uVarStr to make you string to display in the email , and concat the variables with it , and simply set the uVarStr to the MessageSource of the emailobject .

good luck


Answer 3

u would have to use expressions to set up the mail  body

Answer 5

Thank you all i will try...


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