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how to handle this error "Exception WebTestException Context parameter '$HIDDEN1.MSO_PageHashCode' n

Dear frndz,

When i run the load test with 25 vuser and only one script, am getting the below error , do you have any idea to rectify this error? is this because of problem with script or application. Could you please suggest me for this???

00:08:38 MOSSUAT customersupport CustomerSupport0632 https://partners.birlasunlife.com/CustomerSupport/default.aspx 

"Exception WebTestException Context parameter '$HIDDEN1.MSO_PageHashCode' not found in test context view view "

Exception WebTestException 75 Context parameter 'FormPostParam12.__REQUESTDIGEST' not found in test context 




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Answer 1

Hi maverickkarthick,

Can you please refer to this blog: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/slumley/archive/2007/04/10/how-to-debug-a-web-test.aspx

Thanks, Rubel



Answer 2


You may first verify that if you run  the test  separately, it works fine.

Here is an article about debugging web test in load  test you can refer to: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/slumley/archive/2007/11/19/debugging-errors-in-load-test.aspx

In addition, there is a new feature named 'saving test logs' you can take a look for better troubleshooting:(With VSTS 2010, Load Test users now have the option of capturing and saving the entire result of individual tests run within the load test such as a failed Web test or a failed unit test.   This feature makes it easier to debug problems that occur when running tests within a load test that do not occur when running the same tests outside the context  of a load test.)


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