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hide web part from wiki

i have this wiki with web part insid, i wants to hide this web part but the hide options is disabled in the wiki


Hi there,

I have a web part that was working perfectly fine in a wiki page (in the site pages library) - however as soon as I add that web part to a webpart page I lose some of my styles that are applied inline.

More specifically I had some inline styles in a <tr> tag to show a border-bottom however that border-bottom just does not display in the webpart page.

In the wiki page it displays perfectly fine.

Any help is appreciated.

Note: The reason I don't want to use a wiki page is because of this known problem: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/981227




Hi All,

I have created a feature that generates a page and adds a content editor web part, links web part (using elements.xml). Everything works fine but I would like to replace content editor web part with a wiki page that I am going to create.

For example, I copied an excerpt from elements.xml file that adds a content editor web part for the page.

<Module Path="Dependencies/Pages" Url="">
  <File Url="default.aspx" Type="Ghostable">
   <!-- Add the Rich Content Text Editor web part -->
   <AllUsersWebPart WebPartZoneID="Right" WebPartOrder="1">
          <WebPart xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/WebPart/v2" xmlns:iwp="http://schemas.microsoft.com/WebPart/v2/ContentEditor">
            <Assembly>Microsoft.SharePoint, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=71e9bce111e9429c</Assembly>
            <Title>Executive Summary</Title>

 Can someone tell me how I can add a wiki page using manifest (elements.xml) file or some other way?

Thanks for any pointers!


1. What is the wiki categories managed metadata used for?

It appears to be a nice functionality in "tagging" wiki pages with categories, but for what purpose? It would be nice to use these categories in the Tag Cloud web part, but this web part appears to only work with the general SharePoint page tags.

Have anyone created a Tag Cloud for wiki categories only?


I have a choice filter web part where in I have months like Jan,Feb,Mar etc and a excel web access web part.

The choices in the filter web part should determine the URL of the workbook for the excel web access web part.
In the filter web part I gave the choices as Jan;http://sitename:port/ExcelList/MyExcel.xlsx where "ExcelList" is the library that stores the excel files for each of the months. But the excel web part always says that "The file selected couldnt not be found".

Is it possible for me to know the actual URL getting passed to the excel web access web part?

Pl suggest if there is a better way to do this.



Hi There,

I have a web part called Reports that displays folders and saved forms.  I would like to either hide or prohibit opening the documents (but not the folders) from the main view of the web part. 

I only want to allow the user to have access to the saved documents when they enter the Reports web part (so they are in the actual web part directory that shows the columns).  

I do not see any options that allow for this, any help  would be greatly appreciated




If I add a web part to a list or document library view for - say 'AllItems.aspx', the 'Library Tools' ribbon section is hidden.  Is this intended behavior or is there some configuration setting I am missing?

To reproduce:

Create a new Document Library Edit the default 'AllItems.aspx' view page Add a web part (any WP seems to do it) Exit edit mode Only the 'Browse' tab is now available



I am trying to show or hide web parts based on a set of rules. I'm not sure which programming language to use, whether I even need to use one (or if I can accomplish this through sharepoint), or where to put the code if I do need to use a programming language. I do however know how to program in general but not in tandem with sharepoint. My rules are similar to (show web part 2 if web part 1 has content equal to X). Please tell me what the best course of action to accomplish dynamically showing/hiding web parts would be.


I have looked into IRuntimeFilter and LimitedWebPart but I'm not sure if either of these is a good idea. Just looking for a little direction. Thanks.



I created a document library, whose type is "Web Part Pages". When I create a new web part page in this document library the quick launch is missing from the pages. There's a gap on the left side of the web part page for about 200px where the quick luanch would have been.

I don't necessarily want the quick launch to show up at this point. But I don't want the empty space in there either. I would prefer that the web part page covers the empty space on the left side. Can you please advise how to fix this? I had created a subsite before where I don't have this problem.

Let me know if it's not clear about what I mentioned above. Unfortunately I can't post an image here to show what I'm referring to.



My users don't want to see a scroll bar on the web part at all. I tried using CssRegistration and overriding the css class and that doesn't work.

What is the best way to hide scroll bars on the web part.I tried adding another CssReg class in the OnPrePrender and that didn't work.


The web parts have a fixed width and the zone is causing a scroll bar.

Can I copy a default.aspx set that page to use the copy? or what is the best way to do that?



I am trying to hide web part gallery items when one clicks "Add Web Part"

I was able to hide most of the items but I am unable to hide "Lists and Libraries" section which is listed first. Does anyone have any idea on how to hide that? That category does not seem to be part of the web part gallery list.

Thanks in advance!


Hi All,
I'm developing a web part with some custom properties. I have no use for the default attribute categories (Appearance, Layout, Advanced) and I'd like to simplify the UI for the user.

Is there a way to hide the default property categories on the tool pane via code?
Is there a way to have my property category open by default rather than the Appearance category?

Thanks for any help



I apologise if this is a very basic question but I am new to SharePoint.  On a page I have various Web Parts that each contain a number of folders.  For example:

* Folder 1
* Folder 2

* Folder A
* Folder B

* Folder X
* Folder Y

When I click on a folder within one of these Web Parts (e.g. Folder X in 'Travel') it opens the folder but it leaves all the other Web Parts visible.  Is there a way of setting the page so that when I click on a folder within a Web Part (e.g. Folder X) that it opens up Folder X and the unrelated Web Parts (Home, Office) disappear?

It can get quite confusing when I have a number of different Web Parts and many folders.  Sometimes I lose track of what Web Part I should be looking at after I've clicked on a folder!

Let me know if I haven't been clear enough.  Thanks a lot in advance - I would appreciate any help.

Technologies:  MOSS 2007, SSRS 2008, SQL 2005 for the SharePoint databases

I have a Querystring Filter web part and a SSRS Report Viewer web part (the one that comes withe SSRS 2008 Add In).  I am trying to find a way to automate the connection between the filter web part and the report viewer web part.  Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions on how to do this? 

When I try to iterate through the webparts on a page, I get a reference to a ErrorWebPart when it really should be an instance of the Report Viewer web part. 

                        foreach (WebPart wpTemp in wpManager.WebParts)
                            string title = wpTemp.Title;

Any help would be great. 




I have a Data Form Web Part, on a standard web part page, populated from a SharePoint List, that I want users to be able to search from. I have no problem in connecting a filter web part on the same page to the Data Form Web Part, but this only allows one filter at a time to be connected.

Is there a way of having multiple filters (Sharepoint List filters, text filteres, etc) linked to the DFWP?

Or - possibly - another way of allowing my users to search through the DFWP to bring back the required results?


How can I customize the page after I click "Add Web Part"? I want the end users to only see the web parts that I want them to see.
I am creating a web part that will display document version history (since this is not available OOB).
I would like to allow users to add the web part to their page and specifiy a parameter that defines which document library should be used. I am displaying standard information like document name and version number and date modified.
Is there a means to create a parameter page (like other web parts have) where the user can specify which document library they would like the web part to use?
I need the code for creating the page AND reading the parameter in the C# web part.
Thanks in advance.


I have one custom new form for a list, and i have added some parameters. and want to auto populate current user details by using current user filter webpart.

While modifing the current user web part properties, Like select value to Provide --> sharepoint profile value for curent user, and click on OK, Nothing will happen, the page will remain as such. only close is working.

wat is the issue, whr things goes wrong?

please guide me, thanks in Advance.


I have a UserControl that is wrapped into a web part... I pass attributes to the web part like this:

protectedoverridevoid CreateChildControls()


  if (!_error)




   // create UserControlthis.Controls.Clear();

   _myControl = (UserControl)this.Page.LoadControl("~/_controltemplates/ForumRollUps/Forum_Roll_UpsUI.ascx");

   _myControl.Attributes.Add("ChromeTitle", ChromeTitle);

   _myControl.Attributes.Add("SiteURL", SiteURL);

   _myControl.Attributes.Add("PostsShown", PostsShown.ToString());

   _myControl.Attributes.Add("PageLocationEnum", PageLocationEnum.ToString());



  catch (Exception ex)







The attributes are custom web part panel properties...

Everything works fine... The only problem I have is that when a user makes changes in the modify web part panel, and the user clicks ok or apply the changes are not visible. If they click apply then ok the changes are visible (ok or apply and publish also work). I get the feeling I'm forgetting something... as this seems like two step process to see the changes reflected from modifying the properties in the web part panel.

Any ideas???

Basically, I have a SharePoint Foundation site I'm building out with lots of lists and libraries being related with lookup columns and metadata.  After getting everything setup and all my items associated with the proper metadata, I created a web part page.  On this page, I put each of my associated lists/libraries with special views to optimize screen usage.  Lastly, I connected them all with web part connections - they all are filtered by the main web part.  The filter works wonderfully, and I can browse to it with an authenticated user, but anonymous users get a Windows prompt every time.

- On the web app, I have no policy set for Anonymous Users, and Anonymous Access ie enabled
- On the Site Collection, Anonymous Users allowed to see the "Entire Web Site"
- On the Site Pages library, Anonymous Users have the "View Items" permission
- On every page, list, and library in the site, Anonymous users have access and can see data except my one page with web part connections
- In the Site Pages library, Anonymous Users can see the page shown as a file
- If I remove all web part connections, then the Anonymous User no longer gets prompted and can see the page

Here is the version of the page without web part connections:

http://www.cospug.com/SitePages/test2.aspx (cluttered with all data due to no filtering)

That page is built the same way as this page except that this one has web part connections:

http://www.cospug.com/SitePages/Involvement.aspx (if you could see it, you'd see it filtering by the Presenter on all web parts)

Was it like this in 2007, is it a bug, is it by design, and does anyone know a workaround?


I have a chart web part that needs to be linked to a couple of filters on a dashboard page. I have Analysis Sever filters or PerformancePoint filters. When I try to connect the filter web part (it offers two options: Display value or MemberUniqueName) but the chart web part says there are no parameters to connect to. How do you set the parameters for the chart web part so it receives values from the filter?

Thank you,



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