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Because the new compiler employs the new dot NET libraries , its programmes shall likely be limited to Windows platforms for a significant period of time because of the general slowness in adding dot NET support to Linux ( through Mono ) . As such , I plan to continue to write and to compile Visual Basic programmes in the 2005 version . I would certainly like to know of any ways of forcing the new version to compile for older dot NET libraries , but I suspect that the extensive redesign of the builder and the compiler should make this quite difficult .

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Answer 1

Hey Frank,

Visual Studios 2008 has a new feature called Multi-targeting. This feature enables you to have the ability to control which  version of the .net framework to use in your project. It allows you to use multiple versions of the framework from within the same environment.

When you choose a particular framework the IDE will be automatically change the surroundings (controls, dialog boxs, even intellisense etc.) to accomodate the chosen    framework. 

Check out Amanda Silvers blog entry about VS 2008 Beta 1 Codenamed Orcas features including multi-targeting for more information.

Hope that helps.


Saaid Khan


Answer 2

Yes Multitargettting is a new feature which will allow you to target V2.0, 3.0 and 3.5 frameworks.  

For Orcas, all of these targets, use the V3.5 compiler  but change the references to each of the frameworks but through using Orcas you also get some neat new IDE features such as Intellisense everywhere and type inference.


Answer 3

Please microsoft this is my suggestion:
"add a option to select .NET FRAMEWORK or MONO PROJECT"


Answer 4

I wouldn't hold my breath on that request. You may want to look into Rolf's mono  VB compiler  (written in Mono VB 8) (see http://www.mono-project.com/Visual_Basic).

Jim Wooley




Answer 5

As for Mono - I very much doubt MS would add the option to target a open source framework with there tool out of the box.

Multitargetting allows for .framework 2.0 and above to be targeted.   No plans to support  older version framework targetting.

The big difference is the referenced assemblies used for the different frameworks - all the various targets use the same 3.5 compiler  but are used with references to the different assemblies for each targetted framework.

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