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Add multiple RichHtmlFields to a page layout

I have seen this done in 2007 but it seems that it may work a little differently for 2010. I have a page layout, ModWelcome.aspx, that is a three column layout. I have the need to add three content sections to the middle section. They need to be Page Content content fields <PublishingWebControls:RichHtmlField FieldName="f55c4d88-1f2e-4ad9-aaa8-819af4ee7ee8" runat="server"> but if I add three fields I get three exact tags. If I then update the content in each field to something individual, "section 1", "section 2", "section 3" and save the page all three fields will default to whatever was entered in the section 3 area; just repeated 3 times.

I some how need to have separate FieldNames to be able to keep the data separate. I have tried to add a content type in Site Actions > Site Settings > Galleries > Site content type but they never refresh in SharePoint Designer.

Any input from someone who has done this before?




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Answer 1

Hi Dan, have you tried to refresh the Content Field section in the Toolbox in order to get the content type field to be updated?

The first behavior happens because you set the same FieldName for all the content fields. They must be different.




Answer 2

Riccardo, yes I have tried to refresh the Content Field section but the new content types haven't shown up. I have also closed Designer thinking that might work but no luck.


I see where the FieldName for all three are the same but not sure if I can change that something else. I would like it to be the name of what the field will be used for, can that be done?


Answer 3

You can try to disable SPD cache from File > Options > Application options and uncheck "Cache Site Data across SharePoint Designer sessions".

You have to change the FieldName value to make it different for the three content field. If you create a new field in your content type (the one that is associated to your page layout) you can give it the name as you prefer: Abstract, ArticleContent, PageDescription (etc...) and fill the FieldName values with this names.




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