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Office 2007 Documents Open in Read-Only when Opening them from a WSS 2.0 Document Library


When any of our Windows 7 Pro computers that run Office 2007 Pro attempt to open a Word document that resides in a WSS 2.0 document library by using the drop down menu and selecting "Edit with MS Word", the documents open in read-only.  Our work-around is to save the document locally, modify it, and then save it back to the document library.

We have some Windows XP and Vista systems that run Office 2007 and they are fine and can simply edit the document and save it.  We also have a handful of pc's that run Office 2003 and they are not having any issues either.

Things I've tried:

Office 2007 Repair - no luck Office Reinstall - no luck Some registry mod HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\12\Internet\OpenDocumentReadWrite=1 (noted on a MSKB article) - no luck and after re-reading the article it clearly states that this will not address content hosted on WSS or SPS sites Clearing IE temp files, resttting IE to defaults - no luck

Once again, this only seems to happen to Win7Pro pc's that run Office 2007.  Honestly, I can't tell if IE8 has anything to do with this.

Any thoughts or help would be extrememly appreciated.



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Answer 1

Have you tried running the site from IE8 in Compatibility Mode?

Start here:  http://blogs.msdn.com/b/ie/archive/2008/08/27/introducing-compatibility-view.aspx




Answer 2

Just tried to use compatability mode but the issue persists.

I also noticed that if I try to check-out a document, when I attempt to open  it using "Edit with MS Word" I get the following message when Word opens: "Server Document: A newer version is available. To modify this copy, open the latest version or save a copy".  This is a new test doc that I created and immediately checked out so there is no way that anyone else has it open or has checked it out.

Any additional help is appreciated.




Answer 3

Problem Solved!!!

My colleague was able to find a fix for this solution that appears to work and I'd figure I'd share if anyone else has run into this issue.  Essentially, to make a long story short, the solution was to install "Webfldrs-KB907306-ENU.exe" on the effected Windows7 Professional systems.  Amazingly, once this was installed, everything "magically" worked as expected.




Answer 4


I got into the same issue. If I checkout to local folders before opening the excel file for editing, it opens normally (No read-only in the title bar), however, when I try to save / check-in, I am getting another error related to lock and it did not allow me to save/close the document (only option is exit excel).


Could you pelase point me to the download location of the above exe?


My environment is Excfel 2003/2007, Windows 7 & SharePoint 2007.


THanks & Regards,




I have recently installed Office 2010 and now when I select "Edit in Microsoft Word" from a SharePoint document library, the document will only open as Read Only.  I am running SharePoint 2007 SP1, I have admin rights to the workstation, server, sharepoint list and document.

I have tried the registry entry " OpenDocumentsReadWriteWhileBrowsing = 1 " but that has made no difference.  I have also run webfldrs.msi with no effect.  The website is a trusted site and I have switched off all of the protected view options.

Any help welcome!


I'm working with a SharePoint 2007 SP2 August 2010 Cumulative Patch and when I go to a document library and select New Document it opens up in Word\Excel 2010 in Read Only Mode.  After selecting Edit and modifying the document I go to save and the only option available is to save locally and even when I manually add in the library path it doesn't work I receive an error something to the effect of "path is not valid".

I've read about 100 entries on the web and have seen many that are individual computer changes (which I have tried most) and nothing has worked.  Bigger issues is this is all users (All user Office 2010) so a manual change to each desktop hopefully is not the only option.  However, at this point none of those options have worked either.

So if anyone has an idea I would love to hear it...




We have a SharePoint site and Document library set up for anonymous access.

All non-Microsoft file types open correctly without a password.

When users click on Microsoft Office documents they are prompted for passwords.

Is there some way to configure the Office documents or Document Library so that users are not prompted for passwords when they open documents or is this a bug?


Links on a Wiki page to Office files (Docx, Xlsx, etc.) in a Shared Documents library in the same site open as read only.
They open ok from the Shared Documents library (i.e. you're prompted to open Read Only or Edit).

WSS 3 (SharePoint 2007), Office 2007 document files.


We have a public facing SharePoint 2010 Document Center site that hosts thousands of documents within a Document Library.  Our entire SharePoint 2010 Document Center (including the Document Library) is setup for anonymous access with read only rights.


When anonymous users click on an Office Document the document opens using the Office Web App (when applicable) however, when the user opens the document in Office they are prompted for login information.


The following article explains the situation perfectly but the resolution does not work:  http://www.uv.mx/personal/gvera/2010/09/28/sharepoint-login-prompt-when-accessing-files-in-a-document-library/


Has anyone else experienced the same issue?  Is there a fix?


Thank you



Our environment is Sharepoint 2010, with a web application created (and site collection on top), using claims based authentication.  The first site is using port 881.  It is using integrated windows authentication.  Another web application is created, extending the first application, using port 882.  This site is using Forms Based Authentication, the membership provider is System.Web.Security.ActiveDirectoryMembershipProvider, named admembers.  I have turned off Client Integration on both sites.

When I login to the 881 site, on my corporate network, logged into the machine with the same domain account that SharePoint uses, I can open an Office file saved in a document library, and it subsequently opens in the appropriate Office application, without asking me login again.  But, If I login to SharePoint from a computer that is not on our network, or login to the computer with an account that is not a domain account, I get prompted again to login when opening an Office document.  If I choose the option to save, it does not prompt, but if I choose open in the dialog window, I am forced to enter my domain credentials again.

When I login to the 882 site, which uses FBA, I experience the same problem.  If I open an Office document, the appropriate Office application opens, and asks me for my credentials, by showing me a dialog window with the sign in page loaded.  If I choose to save the file, then I am not prompted to login, and the file saves to a local folder.

I can't expect my users that are off site to login again every time they open an Office document, like Work, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.  I have tried numerous fixes, including disabling client integration, changing the browser handling mode (strict/permissive), changing internet explorer settings (for integrated windows authentication), changing the integrated windows authentication site to use basic authentication, even hacking the page using jquery to call the sharepoint javascript function that execute the "download a copy" function.  None of them work: when choosing to "open" the Office document in the browser, the user has to login again, or just close the dialog window without logging in (as long as client integration for the zone is turned off).

I'm looking to get this accomplished using windows authentication or forms based authentication.



This is the closest forum I can find to Office Automation. I apologise if it is the wrong place for this.

If I use Word 2007 to open the document on the web server in my office via the network it opens as editable. If I open the same document from IE 8 using

function editdoc(d) {
    if (browser != 'IE') {
        alert('You must be using Internet Explorer to enable this facility.');
    } else {
        var w=new ActiveXObject('Word.Application');
        var dc = '"'+site+'documents/clients/'+d+'"';
        var docText;
        var obj;
        if (w != null)    {
            w.Visible = true;
            docText = obj.Content;

it opens the doucment in Word 2007 on the client machine but in Read-Only format. Please let me know how to open the file as editable.

We are not able to open any office 2007 documents in edit mode from a share point site on MOSS2007 platform.

The client machine has Office 2007 and running IE7 version.

We are able to open after saving locally. We need a fix for the problem, as clients deny the workaround.


Hi wise,
we have a sharepoint WSS 2.0 hosted at active24.cz (mamut.com ) and
unfortunately this is what their help page says:
We offer Sharepoint without product support - which is provided by the manufacturer (Microsoft) or other specialized companies.

The problem is that the "Edit in Microsoft Office Word" option does not open the document under Win7, IE8 and MSO2007.
Word opens, but it remains empty. Tested on 3 different workstations with 3 different Net connectivities.
I've tried to find some solution on the Web, but none of them helped.
The same thing works without any problem on WinXP, IE8 and MSO2007.

Thank you very much for your ideas.

Josef Bohm
travel agency



 i am developping a workflow and a custom action in which I need to access to files stored within a document library in a wss site.

These files are Excel files.

So i've tried using the Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel PIA, but it does not seem to work.

My aim is to create an action in order to print one of these files without having the users  to open it every time.

Any idea will be welcomed.

Thx ;)




I want to get all versions of same document in document library(all includes both minor versions and Major versions) through object model.

How to do this, any code samples or suggestions will be appreciated.

Thanks & Regards, Neerubee


Is there any way to convert older versions of office documents(Microsoft Office 97/2003) to new version(2007) using Open XML? .Currently I am using office application (COM) object  for this conversion but it it memory consuming.So I need a solution without using office application objects.


The first time a document is opened it's fine, opens in just a few seconds.

Subsequently, there is a long delay (about 20 seconds) in the "Contacting server for information..." step.

This happens to all users and all documents, each one will open fast the first time then slowly the second and subsequent times (until, we think, the app pool is recycled - there is no schedules iisreset/reboot).

This does not happen when using Office 2007.

IE6 and 7 exhibit the same behaviour.


Hi All,

We have applied the ADFC successfuly on our Moss 2007 environment. But we are not able to open the document in Office 2003 component.

But all the document are getting open in Office 2007 component. Any help or work around?


Hi there,

Environemnt:  SharePoint 2007, SQL Server 2005

In order to get into Intranet portal it is required to enter USERNAME, PASSWORD [WINDOWS AUTHENTICATION]. That has been working fine for few years.

Now when the office document is opened it demands authentication, requiring the end user to enter username and pasword again. Can this be reverted? Once the credentials are entered first time to get into Intranet portal it should allow office documents to be opened without demanding authentication?

To simplyfy I would like to avoid the second time authentication while opending office document from SharePoint portal.

Help is appreciated.




Hey All,

Since this forum has been such a great help to me in the past I thought I would put this out to you.  I am running a MOSS 2007 site, using NTLM authentication.  Server is 2008.  With the NTLM setup, obviously, we have it so that the site auto-authenticates our users when they are in the office, eliminating the irritating prompt for credentials.  The problem here is that when they try to open (Read only or Edit) an office document from a library they are prompted for their creds again.  Office will not accept the creds given.  But if the user just hits Cancel on that prompt the document will open fine and they can read\edit all they want.  I have researched this issue and can't seem to find a definitive solution.  Client machines are running either Windows XP Pro or Windows 7 Pro.

Any help would be appreciated!




Hi, I am trying to create some custom file dialogs for outlook, such that I can easily attach files from sharepoint and save email messages to sharepoint using a file dialog like interface launched from a custom outlook ribbon.

(I know that there are other ways of getting sharepoint/outlook/exchange to talk.. but the dialog route is the one that we need/want)

Creating the ribbon addin functionality is all fine.

However it seems that unlike word, excel and powerpoint, outlook doesn't have a nice set of built in dialog boxes that are easily accessible (unless i haven't found it?).

I have tried using the standard winforms dialog - but I can't set the initial directory as a sharpoint document library in this case (and this is a mandatory requirement).

So we have started building our own simple dialog using a browser pane and the sharepoint dialog functionality


However for some reason at the moment, this dialog doesn't allow us to navigate folders (the click events don't work).

Does anyone have any thoughts/suggestions?




Environemnt : SharePoint 2010
Windows based authentication being used for site. All SharePoint servers part of the same network.

When i try opening office documents from document library( .docx, xlsx), SharePoint prompts for login credentials even though i am already logged into the website, worse part is that it prompts me for credentials for every document that i open. Also any files other then PDF opens up in the local machine's office application (word or excel) instead of in the browser.

I had migrated this webspplicatoin from MOSS and then did a visual upgrade as well to it, when i verified in the MOSS version of the site after i am log into the site ones it never prompts for login credentails ever when opening an office document.

Any body knows why this is happening.



When I click on a pdf document uploaded in a document library it comes up with a blank page. 

I guess it's trying to open pdf on the browser. I turned off "Display PDF in browser " option in Adobe Preferences, but it doesn't help, same issue.

I tried other browsers too, it's the same issue.

I am able to open all other pdf files local to my machine fine.

I am using IE 8 on my machine (Windows 7) and the Sharepoint server is MOSS 2007.




I have installed microsoft sharepoint portal server 2007.

In which I specify in one document library excel template. I upload template of excel 2010

if OFFICE 2007 is installed in my system or in other persons . then it will open a template in excel document . but I update office and now office 2010 installed in my system. now when i click a new button and open a excel document . it is not opening and open only a text file with garbage. and show a dialog box with message.


"The document could not be created.

The required application may not be installed properly, or the template for this document library cannot be opened."

How can I open a template in office 2010 with MOSS 2007 document library.

Kindly tell me the solution as soon as possible.




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