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Office 2007 Documents Open in Read-Only when Opening them from a WSS 2.0 Document Library


When any of our Windows 7 Pro computers that run Office 2007 Pro attempt to open a Word document that resides in a WSS 2.0 document library by using the drop down menu and selecting "Edit with MS Word", the documents open in read-only.  Our work-around is to save the document locally, modify it, and then save it back to the document library.

We have some Windows XP and Vista systems that run Office 2007 and they are fine and can simply edit the document and save it.  We also have a handful of pc's that run Office 2003 and they are not having any issues either.

Things I've tried:

Office 2007 Repair - no luck Office Reinstall - no luck Some registry mod HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\12\Internet\OpenDocumentReadWrite=1 (noted on a MSKB article) - no luck and after re-reading the article it clearly states that this will not address content hosted on WSS or SPS sites Clearing IE temp files, resttting IE to defaults - no luck

Once again, this only seems to happen to Win7Pro pc's that run Office 2007.  Honestly, I can't tell if IE8 has anything to do with this.

Any thoughts or help would be extrememly appreciated.



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Answer 1

Have you tried running the site from IE8 in Compatibility Mode?

Start here:  http://blogs.msdn.com/b/ie/archive/2008/08/27/introducing-compatibility-view.aspx




Answer 2

Just tried to use compatability mode but the issue persists.

I also noticed that if I try to check-out a document, when I attempt to open  it using "Edit with MS Word" I get the following message when Word opens: "Server Document: A newer version is available. To modify this copy, open the latest version or save a copy".  This is a new test doc that I created and immediately checked out so there is no way that anyone else has it open or has checked it out.

Any additional help is appreciated.




Answer 3

Problem Solved!!!

My colleague was able to find a fix for this solution that appears to work and I'd figure I'd share if anyone else has run into this issue.  Essentially, to make a long story short, the solution was to install "Webfldrs-KB907306-ENU.exe" on the effected Windows7 Professional systems.  Amazingly, once this was installed, everything "magically" worked as expected.




Answer 4


I got into the same issue. If I checkout to local folders before opening the excel file for editing, it opens normally (No read-only in the title bar), however, when I try to save / check-in, I am getting another error related to lock and it did not allow me to save/close the document (only option is exit excel).


Could you pelase point me to the download location of the above exe?


My environment is Excfel 2003/2007, Windows 7 & SharePoint 2007.


THanks & Regards,




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