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Passing parameters between 2 SSRS reports deployed in report manager


I have created 2 reports in SSRS. In my 1st report there is a tablix, which contains many rows. The text in these rows act like hyperlink and upon click navigate to my 2nd report. This functionality is working fine in Visual Studio and also in report manager. But as soon as I deploy my reports in SharePoint site (using a page viewer web part), this functionality breaks. I can see when I take my mouse near the text in the Tablix it shows a URL like http://IP Address/Reportserver/

It's evident that the URL here is not forming correctly. Can anyone help me out in this issue. In my report for navigation purpose I had used Action -> Goto Report (report 2) and passing the parameters there.

Thanks in advance,



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Answer 1

Hi Suman,

In SQL Server Reporting Services SharePoint Integration mode, we use the full path of a report to access the report:

In Business Intelligence Development Studio(BIDS), when use "Go to report" function, the extension .rdl may be ignored in the hyper link, then the link should fail.

To workaround the issue, please try to use "Go to URL" with the full URL of the report to solve the issue. If we are using "go to report", please add the extension .rdl to the report name manually.

Additionally, using URL to access a report in SharePoint Integration mode, please refer to the following article to know more about passing the parameter:

If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask.

Jin Chen


Answer 2

Hi Jin,

Thanks for your suggestion. Actually I am now using the Jump to URL property, using that it's working but I need an additional bit of functionality. Actually in my SharePoint site  I have a page say "Page1.aspx". Now in that page using a page viewer web part I have put a report which is deployed in my report server. Lets call it Report 1. Now what I want is that on click of a text in my report 1, it should navigate to the report2 which ideally also should be in a page in my sharepoint site. As of now the report is redirecting to the report server itself and not the sharepoint site. My URL code is

="http://server/reportserver?%2fMidsizeCountryOffering%2fSeasonality_New&rs:Command=Render&Product=" & Fields!PERIOD_MAT1_Measures_ParameterValue.Value

Now ideally in my URL I have to write something like,=http://mysharepointsite/page2.aspx?Product="& Fields!PERIOD_MAT1_Measures_ParameterValue.Value

But using this it goes to the page2.aspx where I deployed the 2nd report but it says "The value for parameter Product is missing".

Any ideas for this ?

Thanks in advance,



Answer 3

Hi Suman,

The URL should be like:
="http://server/reportserver?http://mysharepointsite/listname/Seasonality_New.rdl&rs:Command=Render&Product=" & Fields!PERIOD_MAT1_Measures_ParameterValue.Value

Jin Chen


Answer 4

Hi Jin,

I tried the approach that you have suggested. My Querystring becomes


"" & Fields!PERIOD_MAT1_Measures_ParameterValue.Value & "&Product=" & Parameters!Product.Value & "&Geography=" & Parameters!Geography.Value

I am facing an error when I use this, the error message is

The path of the item 'http://sdc-internal.rxcorp.com/EM/SSRS/SSRS doc lib/TrendView.aspx/DashBoard_Test.rdl' is not valid. The full path must be less than 260 characters long; other restrictions apply. If the report server is in native mode, the path must start with slash. (rsInvalidItemPath)

Is my URL getting formed incorrectly? In my querystring, after "reportserver don't we need to specify the folder name as well ?








Answer 5

Hi Guys,

Any pointers as to where I am going wrong ?

The URL of my Sharepoint page is "http://sdc-internal.rxcorp.com/EM/ssrs/ssrs doc lib/trendview.aspx.

The RDL file name is "Dashboard_Test" and the parameters (report parameters) are Manufacterur, Product and Geography. Can someone form the querystring from the above information ?? 


Answer 6

Hi Suman,

It seems I did a mistake. The SSRS is not configured to use SharePoint Integration mode, right? You just use page viewer web part to show the report.
URL ="http://server/reportserver?%2fMidsizeCountryOffering%2fSeasonality_New&rs:Command=Render&Product=" & Fields!PERIOD_MAT1_Measures_ParameterValue.Value will be opened in a new window.

Now, you want to show the report in a SharePoint page. Since, the page viewer web part can't receive paramters, URL "http://mysharepointsite/page2.aspx?Product="& Fields!PERIOD_MAT1_Measures_ParameterValue.Value" won't work as expected.

The best solution to solve the issue is configuring the SSRS with SharePoint Integration mode. Another workaround is implementing a new web part that allow us to pass parameters in.

Below is a article describes how to make dynamic query string for page viewer web part for your reference:

Jin Chen



Answer 7

Hi Jin,

Thanks for the early response. Yes I am just using a page viewer web part to show the report.

I shall implement the workaround as descriibed in the articke and share my findings with you.





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