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Am facing a problem in developing peer to peer appln.

first of all a machine has two ips(one private visible in intranet like and second public ip visible in internet i need to connect to a peer located at remote place with the same criteria(two ips).The problem is i cnt go through the public ip to internal ip.On reading some articles on net i came to know the technique used to connect through public ip to private ip is termed as "HOLE PUNCHING"/"PORT FORWARDING".can some one help me on this issue? r is there any alternative other than this.I have to do it programmatically not manually.




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Answer 1

Am facing  a problem  in developing peer  to peer appln.
Presumably you are using Windows Forms rather than ASP.NET.  If so, you need to seek help on the MSDN Forums, not the ASP.NET Forums.

Answer 2

This is not a problem  related to .NET, it has to do with your network setup. I might suggest Port Forwarding or using DMZ.

Answer 3

I am replying quite late but i have somethings to share. Hole punching is a nice concept to use in P2P applications. It effectively handles the problem  of Ipv4 and ipv6 and NATs and firewalls..... u can refer this link http://www.brynosaurus.com/pub/net/p2pnat/    (Mostly UDP hole punching is used...)

I have a full application developed using P2P UDP holepunching concept. But I am facing  a problem.. The networking people have blocked the outgoing ports also through firewall... and my application requires them to be open... can anyone help how to solve this problem???



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