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Problems Downloading Acitvex

Ive just got the British Gas top up meter and have been trying to download Activex to use it but i keep getting the same error message. Ive tried changing my Internet Options but nothing has worked, called British Gas but apparently they are not 'IT' trained so werent much help!

All the error messages says is 'Sorry the Activex control for your home top up connector could not be downloaded. Please revise your browser settings if needed or try again later if your browser settings are correct'.

Any help much appreciated!


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Answer 1

Ive got Windows 7 but Internet Explorer 8 also its a 32bit comp if that helps


Answer 2

This forum is for writing Windows Forms-based software. Try look for a browser security forum.

Answer 3

Hello Carr89,

This forum is dedicated to Windows Forms technology, your question is Off-topic here. 
I'm moving this thread from Base "Windows Forms" to "Internet Explorer Web Development" forum, since this issue is related to IE. There are more IE experts in that forum.

Best Regards,


Answer 4

IE9 Beta Installed?

Uninstall it.


Answer 5

Hello Carr89,

have you solved your problem?

the error message requires you to revise the browser, have you tried reset the internet Explorer setting?

Go to Tools>Internet Options>Avanced tab>Reset the internet Explorer setting

Click 'Rest'.





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