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Question about coded UI test and ASP.NET application

Hi, I have one question about it, namely: when I create codedUI tests of web appliaction and then for examplesomething ischangedon testing web page (butbuttons andlabelswhich are tested (using to test) remain unchanged), isstill created before testswill work correctly???


Thank you in advance for any help!

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Answer 1


Until the hierarchy of the UI elements is not changed or the search criteria in your UI map is valid, it should work fine. 




Answer 2

whatdo you mean "hierarchy"? If youleft somethingmovesor you adda new control (for example button), will itworkcorrectly??



Thank you in advance for help:)


Answer 3

For example if your web page contains a button when you start recording the button is captured as browserwindow.htmldocument.button.

SO As long as your recorded controls hierarchy doesnt change, your playback works fine.o

For more info about the code generation refer the following






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