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Request failed: Context parameter 'HIDDEN1.xx' not found in test context

I am new to Web performance Test (Visual Studio 2010).
I recorded and ran a simple web test which does the following -
1. Login to a site.
2. Start and Complete an exam.
3. Logout.

I have bound a data source (simple CSV - Only has 3 rows of data) file to my web test (which runs the web test for 3 times)

However, I keep getting below error -

Request failed: Context parameter '$HIDDEN1.ctl00$ctl00$MasterTopNav' not found in test context

I looked into the blog site -

But couldnt really understand what is done in there.

Can someone tell me how to add an Extraction Rule to which request and What binding is required ?


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Usually this issue is due to the fact that VS is not able to extract the proper dynamic parameter.

At record time, the value of each form post and query string parameter  is recorded, and an appropriate extraction rule is computed. Immediately after recording the web test  is played back by the correlation tool. During playback, the tool applies the extraction rule and compares the extracted value with the recorded value. If they differ, it flags the parameter as a dynamic parameter. However, there is one situation that it will work well, for example, the session id, usually server will provide one session id for a few minutes, if you run within this period, the web  test should be fine, but when it expires, the session id recorded will not work any longer, you should extract the session id field yourself manually and bind it to the requests.

Here are some more articles about the debug technique you can refer to: (including VS2008 and VS2010, which are all helpful.)



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