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RSS Viewer Webpart

Hi All,

Can anybody tell me how to show RSS News in Scrolling ..! 

If send any links and piece of javascript code , its very helpful.




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Answer 1


Did you mean that you need to show  news with rss  webpart and enable the scrolling  in the RSS webpart?

If it was ,you can try to use javascript  to enable the scrolling of div. Because the RSS webpart  is rendered as div element.


<divid="rssFeedWPDiv_ctl00_m_g_0eeb8ed7_7498_49ee_996d_f4fc47639725"style="padding-top: 5px;">

Javascript Demo:

   window.onload = function() {
  var ele = document.getElementById("divTest");
  ele.style.height = "100px";
  ele.style.overflow = "auto";

You can get more richer javascript demo from the following website.


Microsoft Online Community Support

Answer 2

Hi Mak,

I think you want Marque effect in your RSS.....

for that you need to create a Custom RSS Reader which internally uses HTML's marque to display contents...

similar requirement given in following site-


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