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Run As Admin and most recent projects

As a regular user I have opened a bunch of projects on a network mapped folder.

I then close VS 2010  and open it again using "Run as Admin"

When I click on a recent project, VS tells me that it can not find the project or solution.

However if I goto File/Open the network share is still available and I can navigate to it and open it without any problems.

Is this a know issue?

Is there a fix?



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Answer 1

Hi Michael,

Thank you for your post in MSDN forum!


Some clarification with you

Could you run  this project on other machines?


Based on your description, it seems that your project, which has created as a regular  user account, could be opened  as administrator. According your situation, I attempt to create a project via a regular user  account, and I run this project as administrator, it works well.

You could create a log on your machine. You could type ‘Devenv.exe /log “<the log file’s path in your disk.>”

If it does not work, you could invest the log files, which could help us to solve issues better and exactly.

You could certainly attach your log file in your reply or send your log files to me. (My E-Mail:v-xugong@microsoft.com).

Note: Please attach the link of this post in the mail.

More information about Devenv Command Line and the usages, you could refer the following link.



Look forward for your reply!


Hope this helps you! If you have any doubts and concerns, please feel free to let me know. We are going to continue to follow-up.

Best Regards

Larcolais Gong

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Answer 2

Hi Michael,

I'm writing to follow-up this post. Did the above suggestions solve your concerns?

I'm marking this post as Answered, if you have any findings and concerns, please feel free to unmark this post.

Have a nice weekend!

Larcolais Gong

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Answer 3

Hi ... the answer above did not help.


I found the answer in a KB (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee844140(WS.10).aspx) about Network shares and Run As needing to be able to share logon tokens.

Michael Tissington

Answer 4

Hi Michael,

Well Done!!!

I'm glad to hear your good news!

Thank you for sharing your experience in MSDN forum!

Have a good nice!

Larcolais Gong



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