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Sharepoint 2010 Building publishing (Internet facing) website

Is there documentation on how to create Publishing site example step by step, Including contents, Documents sharing content between websites (like news). For some reason I have not finding any documentation.

Any pointers is greatly appreciated.






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There isn't some step by step instruction for building  a internet  facing site.  Could you be a little more specific about what exactly you are trying to do?


Answer 3


      Thank you very much for taking time to answer my question.

Here is what I am trying to achieve.

I  have installed sharepoint  2010 on server and created default publishing  site. I have multiple asp classic public facing  websites.

I am looking for how to create these sites using  SP2010.

How do I create multiple pages?

How do I create site structor?

I do I configure these sites to share their content (like news), how can I have different urls for each site.

I understand some of these tasks are more involved, But at least I am looking for a document which shows me how to build a public facing website  with multiple pages step by step.

I have seen the video about contoso.com, but not found any documentation on how to build the same step by step.

Thanks for any help.



Answer 4

Hi Mario,

         Thank you very much for the information. It is kind of helpfull.

But I am suprised to see there is no such document showing step by step how to build a external facing  website. I see so much material on SP 2010 on the web but not yet found any material on which goes into building  public facing websites in detail.

I know sharepoint  is lot more than just CMS, but I think CMS is very important part of Sharepoint 2010. Hope I will see some one write a book are create article series showing how to build very generic website  step step.





Answer 5

Hi VeeMat,

I think that you are asking too much for an article series - there are lots of moving parts. A lot of the process stuff hasn't changed from 2007, and the definitive book for 2007 WCM is Andrew Connell's Wrox book. I would recommend reading that to get to grips with the process and methodology.

In general, from a developer's point of view, you have the following key stages to developing a public facing  website:

Create an environment to do your development in. This should be as close a match as possible to the final production environment. Create the front end design (HTML, CSS, images) that you want your new site to use. Create a master page and page layouts. Exactly what you need to do here will depend on your requirements and your design. Create any custom user controls / server controls / web parts as required by your functional requirements.

So from a standalone developer's point of view that may be all they need to do. But in most cases there are a number of other considerations:

If you have a team of developers, how do you manage cross-team development and source control? Who is responsible for packaging and build - are you going for automated build servers, is there a build manager in your team? What is the best server topology and configuration to meet your requirements? What strategy are you going to use for testing? Test Driven Development, unit tests, automated UI tests? Or all manual?

All of these are going to depend on your situation - there is often no single correct answer to these questions.



Answer 6

Hi Vee, Bellow is the link the WCM Planning for SP 2010 ( if you look around this link there is planning guidance for each and every aspect Share Point solution ) - http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee476993.aspx When it come to making it Internet  facing  site - Use a custom master page - optimised for bandwidth such that it should avoid all the unncessary css and javascript for internet  - Avoid showing lists ( or even any ootb web part) directly but develop user controls (visual web parts) as styling those would call for bigger effort - publishing  content in a publishing page would show without any problem. - Use FBA or anonymous similar to what your classic sites are doing - In 2010 you can have multiple auth methods on same web application without extending it so you might be able to avoid AAM (alternate access maps) and just continue with the ISA or whatever method you are currently using. There is much much more than this as Ben has metnioned, neverthless and it needs much larger effort to roll out public facing site on SP platform - analysis,design,dev,test,deploy,operations,governance - yes every bit is important and is only limited by you know what I mean Best Regards Yogesh Pawar

Answer 7


      Thank you very much for taking time to answer my question.

Here is what I am trying to achieve.

I  have installed Sharepoint 2010 on server and created default publishing  site. I have multiple asp classic public facing  websites.

I am looking for how to create these sites using  SP2010.

How do I create multiple pages?

Publishing sites have a document library called the Pages library - you can navigate to http://yoursite/Pages and you'll see it and be able to add pages. Also for publishing sites the menu in the upper left will have a Create Page item which does the same thing. You can even create folders and have a nice little hierarchy inside the pages library.

How do I create site structor?

The really quick answer for this is to go to Site Actions -> Create Site, but you need to justify why you need subsites. Normally you create subsites because you want completely different look/feel/functionality, like having a meeting workspace site under a team site. Things like Security can be accomplished without any subsites.

I do I configure these sites to share their content (like news), how can I have different urls for each site.

So you'll obviously need a source for the content, lets say a list inside the root site. Other sites can subscribe to the contents of the list using RSS Feeds, its all out of the box SharePoint. SharePoint even has a news site template you can look at, which has it all set up already.

I understand some of these tasks are more involved, But at least I am looking for a document which shows me how to build a public facing website  with multiple pages step by step.

I have seen the video about contoso.com, but not found any documentation on how to build the same step by step.

Thanks for any help.



Answer 8

Hi Veemat,

First, thank you for the feedback.

I agree with Ben Robb that the best book about this topic is the one from Andrew Connell.

I would like to add two more links about sharepoint  2010 for Web Content Management.

The first one on Technet "Web Content Management in SharePoint Server 2010" http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepoint/ff601874.aspx, you will find all the stuff to plan content deployment, caching and performance, ...

The second on MSDN "SharePoint 2010 Developer Resource Centers" http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepoint/bb964529.aspx, under Entreprise Content Management, you will find information about web content management capabilities.

Finally, as the others said, there is much much more than this...

Bye, Mario


I'm considering using wss 4.0 for my internet facing website, with windows 2008, sql server 2008 standard on the same physical server. What is the licensing cost I'm looking at? Sifting through Microsoft's literature gave me a headache, yet no closer to an answer. Can anyone give a ballpark number, the way the total costs are added up, and the kind of licenses(processor, server, CAL, external connector etc.) for each components? Also, can I use sql server express with wss 4.0?



We have sharepoint 2010 internet facing sites where inside custom master page we have security trimmed control which hides site actions for general users.

Now we have anonymous access enabled. So any body can access this site.

Now even if user is author or from intranet , he can not see site actions as we do not have any sign in link.

How to automatically show site actions to users from intranet and with proper rights and hide siteactions to anonymous users?


Anonymouse user - Cannot see search results in SharePoint 2010 internet facing site. They see blank results.aspx while admin see all search result.

How to make Anonymouse user - see search results in SharePoint 2010 internet facing site?



how to reduce http requests in sharepoint 2010 internet facing sites?

For our internet facing site We have below requests and total size is also large due to javascripts/css from oob sharepoint.


Total HTTP Requests:104
Total Size:458282 bytes


We just released 6 internet facing web portals built on Sharepoint 2010 Publishing for our customer.

The pages are accessed over https, and the portals are all set up with anonymous access. The lockdown feature is enabled. The problem is that several pages in the portals fails to load for anonymous users. Sharepoint returns 403 Forbidden when users try to open the page. The problem can be reproduced in both IE and Firefox and from several pc's. Then after a random time has passed, the page suddenly opens correct. Then later, another page has the same problem.

This is a serious problem for our solution, so I hope some of you can help?




I am new to sharePoint development. Our team is developing 'Public Facing Internet Sites' using PHP. One of our client requirement is to develop the 'Public Facing Internet Site' in SharePoint Foundation. I have installed SharePoint Foundation 2010 in single machine for evaluation purpose.

1. Is SharePoint providing any template for Public facing site?

2. How to develop those site and what other resources I required?

3. Is there any specific license requirement to develop and deploy site?

4. What are adv-disadv in developing site in SharePoint with comparison to other open source CMS?


I'm working on customizing the design of a site which will be an internet facing publishing site. Does anyone know if the Ribbon box (with links to site settings, login information +++) will always show (even to anomymous users)?

I'd like to allow anonymous users on an internet facing website, based on the publishing site template, with the lockdown mode (ViewFormPagesLockdown) enabled, to fill in a contact form. Filled forms are stored in a (custom) list.

Anonymous users should be able to write to the list, but not read from the list. (Reading rights are only for logged in users (editors)).

Is there a way to achieve this, while keeping the site in Lockdown mode?

Thanks in advance!


hi all,

I need to restore the webApp built on SharePoint 2010 Beta2 Enterprise to SharePoint 2010 RTM Enterprise, I have the backup webApp Content Database.

The Steps that I followed are:

Created the Web application in SharePoint 2010 RTM and restored the Existing Content Database, it was a success.

The Problem starts now....

When I try to view the Site Collection its giving a error "Page not found"

Why is it so???

Help..... :(



I'm a noob at asp.net. I followed this tutorial and created a website on my computer. My question is, how do I go about and actually put this thing on the Internet? I know that just uploading files to my website would be futile, and that there are probably many settings that I would have to adjust. Could you please help? Thanks.

If I want to use SharePoint Foundation server with SQL server express for the databases as an Internet facing site do i need any licenses apart for the Windows server license?



I am using SharePoint 2010 for Internet sites.  Anonymous access has been enabled.  Language packs have been installed so that users can switch to different languages as required.  However, the only way for a different language to be selected other than the default is for the user to log into the site and then the option would be displayed.....This is an internet facing site with anonymous access therefore users shouldn't have to log in to change the language. 

Can someone guide/advise on switching the lanuguage of the site without loggin in.




I have an editing web application with multiple site collections (only accessible internally on a dedicated port), and I've one public facing web application (on port 80). Now I want to create several host-named site collections in the public facing web application (to limit the number of web apps in the farm), and then use content deployment jobs to push the content from the site collections on the editing web app into these host-named site collections.

Does anyone have any experience with this?
Do you see any issues?



My current SharePoint 2007 farm hosts our public facing website and our company intranet.  We have seperated security by having seperate SSP's.

I am curious about the licensing for SharePoint 2010.  If I get the SharePoint 2010 Server Enterprise edition with SharePoint CALS, can I still have both of these solutions on a SharePoint 2010 farm?

Thanks in advance,

Tony Maddin



SharePoint 2010 comes with tons of Social Features and its great to use them with in the enterprise but should/ can we use them for public facing websites? I understand that most of these features can be used on the public facing website using the forms authentication (I might be wrong).

I would like to know the Pros and Cons of using these features for the large public (internet) facing website?  Do you guys know of a SharePoint implementation which used "MySites" on a public facing website?

Currently we are using Pluck with MOSS 2007 and would like to replace some of these social features with OOB SharePoint.

Many Thanks!



I am trying to Publish Sharepoint with UAG to Internet and the desired url is https://abc.contoso.com and the internal people want to access with http://abc.contoso.com.

I have my AAM in Sharepoint similar to this, which i read from Sharepoint UAG msdn documentation. The Internet people access the site using https to reach UAG which inturn request http to Sharepoint server.


with the above AAM setup, the internal people will not be able to access the site using http://abc.contoso.com as there is no AAM mapping for it. i am not able to add AAM mapping as it says internal URL already in the collection.

Can you please help how to make this setup , thanks Joe


I have a business requirement to host an Internet facing website and an interrnal corporate facing Intranet on the same SharePoint 2010 Server.  Is this possible with the new product/licesning?

Thanks, Tony Maddin



how can i upload my asp.net 2010 website in internet ???

and give me a website name which will give me free space to upload my website.


Hi Experts,

I got task to create navigation like this site(http://wwwm.coventry.ac.uk/Pages/index.aspx) in sharepoint 2010 public facing site.

Please give me some direction





Hi guys,

first of all I don't want exactly to publish SPF server to Internet, but place it in DMZ and make available from Internet. So I won't have any dedicated web server, only one server with MSSQL and SPF on it.

Is there any practices to make it more secure? So far I'm only came up with form authentication...

Any ideas or links are highly appreciated!


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