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SQL 2000 to 2005 Upgrade Fails for Workstation Tools Install

Pre Upgrade - SQL 2000SP4 attached to our production application and SQl 2005 Express(SP1) with was installed as part of the default Veritas Backup Exec 11d install. Upgraded SQL 2000 to 2005 Standard and all aspects installed successfully except workstation tools. The error message said something about it found newer version of tools and would not install. I figured it was seeing something with the Veritas SQL 2005 Express install. Workstation tools were not listed in add/remove  or start menu and could not find any associated files . Thought that maybe SQL 2005 SP2 install would overcome the install error as SP2 tools should be "newer"but the same message came up. Any idea how/what to remove SQL 2005 Express tools in order for SQL 2005 Std tools to install? I dont want to just randomly start removing programs/files without determining proper way to proceed


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Please insert the second CD of SQL Server 2005 and install client tools from there.

If you ran SQL Server 2005 from a network share or from a local drive, please locate the “Tools” folder on the media and run setup from there.

Before doing the above, please use Control Panel to verify you don’t have SQL Server 2005 Management Studio Express installed. If you have it installed, please uninstall it first.


Hope this helps.   

Alberto Morillo



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