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SyncToy access denied error on USB drive connected to NAS


I am having the familiar access denied problem when trying to sync files from my XP 64 pc to a USB drive connected to a maxtor shared storage NAS.
I can sync just fine to the maxtor nas network drive but get the following error when attempting to sync to the USB drive attached to the NAS:

Error: Unknown error. Access is denied. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070005 (E_ACCESSDENIED)) Copying FILE_TO_BE_SYNCHED to USB_ON_NAS_BOX_FILE

I can read/write files just fine when connected to the drive on the pc.
Somehow the permissions are ok for the NAS drive but not the usb drive attached to it. I have tried to modify the security level on the USB drive but just get an access is denied error.

Hope someone could help as SyncToy looks like just what I need Smile

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Answer 1

Can no one help  me out with this problem?!


Answer 2

Can you check this ? Map the USB drive  to a drive letter on the XP 64 bit machine and see if you can manually copy a file from the 64 bit box to the USB?




Answer 3

Sorry I didnt make this clear in the original post but when mapped to the usb  drive (via the NAS) on the XP64 pc I can read/write files  no problem.

Answer 4

Anyone help  me out here?

Answer 5

I guess there is no fix for this issue, I hope  that MS will consider looking into this and fixing it for the next version of SyncToy.

Answer 6

It looks like your user does not have full controll of the usb  drive.  Can you check the USB drive  Security properties to verify that your user has full control?

Maria del Mar Alvarez - MSFT


Answer 7

As I mentioned the usb  should have full control rights as I can both read/write and delete files/folders from explorer. I cant access  the drive  directly as its connected  through the NAS, however there should be full admin rights.

Answer 8

I am having the same problem  as Kreeture.

I have an external usb  hardrive pluged into the USB port on the back of my BT Home HUB.

This allows me to share music, video etc over my wireless network, this all worls very well with no problems.

I maintane the original files  on my WIndows XP SP3 32 bit pc. Whenever I add additional files, I currently manually copy and paste from my PC onto the USB drive. This works ok, I can, from the main PC, copy read write & delete any files from the usb drive.

When I tried using SyncToys I get an error, Access denied. It does however creat any folder structure required on the USB drive, and creates a lot of .tmp files, but failes to copy the actual files over.???

I tested the process copy files from one folder to another on my pc's hardrive and it worled ok.

Anyone help  with this??

Thanks in advance


Answer 9

Can you check under which account the sync  is working?

Under which user's permissions  is the process running.

Trying giving full rights to the user.

Ensure USB drive  reg key has following properties:



Answer 10

Hi Soshan, thanks for taking an interest in this.

I have only the one user account, ne and I an full administrator.

I checked the registry key you sugested, I have no "StorageDevicePolicies" in "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control"

Is this the problem?

Can I just create this key and reeboot?


Answer 11

Did this ever figured out?  Is there any workaround?  I'm having the same problem  with a USB drive  connected to my router (a Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH).  I can copy and delete files  on this NAS drive, but SynToy 2.1 gives me the same "Access is denied" error  when it tries to write to the NAS drive.  I even get this when I try to sync  to a folder that I created from the same PC I try to do the sync (well actually Contribute).  One twist, I am only getting this error with my Notebook PC -- but not my Desktop PC (which SyncToy seems to work fine  with the NAS).

Answer 12

BTW, my desktop is running XP while my notebook is running 7.  I connected  my notebook to the router via a wired connection, and I still get the "access is denied" error.  So the problem  I am seeing with SyncToy 2.1 (and NAS drives) seem to only be with Windows 7 -- and not XP.  Or perhaps it is an issue with the 64-bit version of SyncToy (which I am running with 7) and the 32-bit version (that I am running with XP).  Either way, I'm hoping version 2.2 is released soon AND that it corrects this problem!




Answer 13

Same problem  here. I have a Hammer N1200 NAS configured as RAID 0. I use (or hope  to use) a USB SATA drive  as a backup. SyncToy 2.1 fails to synchronize most new files.

The Hammer drive seems to be running Linux.

I run SyncToy from a WinXP workstation. I have tried full path names as well as mapped drives, both modes result in the same failures.

Operation: Overwrite

Error: Unknown error. Access is denied  (Exception from HResult:0x80070005(E_ACCESSDENIED))


Operation: New

Error: Unknown error. Access is denied (Exception from HResult:0x80070005(E_ACCESSDENIED))


I've tried both Synchronize and Contribute modes. Both fail in the same manner.


Answer 14

Long time no answers?

I have the same problem  under Win7 32bit, trying to Echo from a Public Share on my NAS to a USB 1TB disk drive  attached to it (Both WD).  Like Bugss the folder structure was created, but no files  were copied.  Ie was logged in as an account with admn prives, but the permissions  on the folders did not include me specifically.

I have copied a lot from C: to the same drive using SyncToy.

If I find an answer I will post it here.


I have only one problem using a Western Digital MyBook Drive attached to my Belkin N+ Router. However, SyncToy 2.1 can't seem to get files to write to the MyBook Drive. Message in Log - Error: Unknown error. Access is denied. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070005 (E_ACCESSDENIED)) Copying .......

I can copy, move and delete files between the MyBook and four computers on the network. Any help would be greatly appreciated.  

Looked all over for a solution.Cannot find one. 


Hi, all

I am new at this toy and have 2 questions.

I will try to sync two folders. One is on my USB external drive (2TB) and the other is one of the folder in network (T:\share\ folder for example).

1. Will this work fine?

2. If network drive is disconnected or crashed by accident, then what will happen on synced folder on USB external drive?

Thank you in advance.



I need to syncronize two PCs: one is WorkPC (it's at my work), and another HomePC at home. For syncronizing I try use SyncToy-2 and I use a USB-FLASH drive for curring data between work and home PCs.

In this case - StncToy doesn't working correctly!!!

When I create an equal folders on my WorkPC and on the USB-Flash drive and syncronizing it by SyncToy2 - all is correct. But when I go home and try to syncronize this folder on USB-Flash with equal folder on my HomePC - then SyncToy performs complete overvriting for each file and folder, but all of this is equal to files on WorkPC and not was changed. In this situation I using SyncToy2 installed both: my WorkPC and HomePC. On WorkPC was crearted one folder pair to syncronize a folder from Work HDD with Folder on Flash, and on HomePC also installed SyncToy with folder pair to syncronize one folder on home HDD with that USB-Flash folder which was syncronized to work folder.

The situation when users needs to syncronize two remote PCs by using USB Flash drive, is very - very often, and I need help: how it can be done?? If SyncToy not supporting this mode now, is it can be improved in next version to address this need?


I am using SyncToy 2.1 to backup my files (echo) to two USB hard drives that I swap out each week.  The sync to the first USB drive worked fine.  However, when I swapped it out for the second drive, the echo copied only files modified since the sync to the first drive.  It failed to copy all of the files to the second drive which I expected it to since it was empty.  This scenario worked just fine with SyncToy 1.4.  Is there anyway to preform this rotating backup with two drives using SyncToy 2.1?

I'm trying to set up SyncToy to back up my photos to a USB drive which is attached to my router (a Netgear DGN3500). I have set it up but every time I try to sync I get the "Unknown error. Access is denied. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070005 (E_ACCESSDENIED))" error. I'm convinced this is something to do with write permissions to the network drive but I can manually read/write/change files. I've tried changing ownerships from ROUTER\\Root\ and running SyncToy as an administrator etc. but no joy thus far. Does anyone have any suggestions?


I've had this problem for a while now.  It existed on 2.0 as well as 2.1.

When I preview I get a list of files that have not changed since the last sync showing up in my list with "Overwrite" shown for those files.  Many files don't have this problem, but several files always show up in the list of files that will be updated.

If I DIFF the two files (they're source code) they show no differences.

If I manually copy the source file to the destination location, the target file is overwritten without any issue.

Error: Cannot write to the destination file. Access is denied. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070005 (E_ACCESSDENIED)) Copying D:\My Documents\Visual Studio Projects\BF2Query\TestForm\Form1.resx to \\DLINK-NAS\Volume_1\Backups\ANTECi7\Documents_Backup\Visual Studio Projects\BF2Query\TestForm\Form1.resx

I've been running synctoy for several years and several versions and though I've read about errors to NAS attached storage i'd never experienced one. I have 8 data sets defined and I run them explicitly e.g. not from command line or script. 7 of the 8 data sets still run as expected. The 8th and largest is my photo archive and within the past several weeks every time I try to run that specific data set every operation fails and when it has completed I cannot write to the NAS any more until I reboot it. The NAS is a MicroTek Platinum NAS running in RAID 5 mode. All file systems are NTFS. The O/S is Windows XP. Any ideas welcome

Hi Guys,

The subject of this question is the error which I am receiving when running a scheduled job also this is an error which we get at a random intervals and the frequency would be once or twice in a month. I have been through several posts and didn't concluded anything out of it. At the time when we receive this error the memory usage of the database was normal with free resources available and also the network was stable without issues.

Our Sql database is in cluster mode with named instance.

Can anyone share some information on this, I know this is not the right forum with the error message I have posted but am sure some one might have face the same problem when running some ETL jobs. Source and target both are sql server and the error message is generated in the validation phase of the connection manager connecting to target database.

SSIS 2005 SP2

64 bit environment


I have full access to VSTS -- I am in the same group as my peers.  They have no trouble.  I have tried playing with my security settings for the files in the file system and I have tried playing with my security settings for the login I am using.  It's fine if I try to open c# solutions.  It's fine if I log in as someone else and try to open the solutions.  I only have trouble with the database solution with my regular windows domain login.  I do have the VSTS 2008 database GDR.  This flashes a couple of seconds before the "Access Denied" error occurs:  "Contacting server to get list of items to update."  It happens once for each database project in the solution.  I had a guy use WireShark to see if he could identify the issue.  He didn't see anything that jumped out at him.  Aside from the "access denied" popup, there is no logging, no event viewer error either in Application or Security, no nothing.

It would at least be great if someone could point me to a tool that would tell me what exactly it's complaining about.  An actual solution to the problem, even better.


I did reload VSTS2008 last week.  And again today.  Not sure if that has anything to do with it.

I recently installed SyncToy Beta Ver and used it to create a synchronized set of ~600 pictures onto a home NAS.  Upon examination of the synchronized pictures, I noticed that a small percentage (~1%) of the copied jpg files contained visible signs of  file corruption. The files were not so badly damaged that they couldn't be viewed.  However, when I examined some large avi files synchronized using a separate folder pair, I discovered that they had been irretrievably corrupted.  So far I have made the following observations:
The problem is reproducible (at least 3x in a row).  The *same* files are corrupted the *same* way when the synchronization is repeated from scratch.  (e.g. the Folder Pair is deleted; The Right Folder contents & folders are deleted; A new Right Folder is created; A new folder pair is created; Synchronization is executed) The configuration affects the outcome.  The same files are NOT corrupted using SyncToy 2 Beta when the Right Folder resides on the local C: drive (1 test with no network or NAS involved).It makes no difference whether the Right Folder is defined in UNC syntax or PATH syntaxThe problem is specific to SyncToy Beta  SyncToy 1.4 worked fine using the identical network/NAS setup. I unistalled SyncToy 2 Beta and installed SyncToy 1.4. and successfully repeated the synchronization 2x.
I can provide paired jpg files exhibiting the corruption if anyone is interested in examining the nature of the corruption.

The configuration(s) that results in corrupt files is:
Action: SynchronizationOptions: Include - All Files (*), Exclude - none (blank); No excluded attributes; Other settings: Active for run all - on; Save overwritten files in recycle bin - on; Check file contents - off.Folder Pair: Left Folder defined as a standard windows PATH; Right Folder defined either as a UNC or PATHInitial State of Left Folder: populated with files & foldersIntial State of Right Folder: emptyLeft Folder:  Local C: drive of Dell 600 Laptop computer running XP Professional SP2, File System NTFS, wired 100Mb ethernetRight Folder:  Network Share on an Iomega Home Network NAS, File System believed to be FAT32, wired 100Mb ethernetRouter: D-Link DI-624


I just downloaded SyncToy 2.1 on XP and setup syncing between my XP Pro and a shared network drive off my E3000 Linksys router.

When SyncToy runs it successfully creates all the folders from left to right but gives access denied error when trying to copy any files over into the created folders.

Copying files by hand works fine. When I look at the created folders, they are all marked "read only" but also read that XP ignores that anyway. Since it works when I copy by hand I guess that's correct.

Tried running as administrator without any luck. Any suggestions?



SyncToy doesn't seem to handle the drive-letter changing for the backup drive of the archive destination "Right Folder". I am running SyncToy to backup files to an external USB hard-drive from my laptop (Windows XP). When I first created the archive, the USB drive was assigned the letter "F". Since then, depending on what other USB devices are connected to my laptop, the backup diskdrive may connect as drive letter "H", in which case SyncToy doesn't find it and gives error of failure when I run the backup: "Failed to execute folder pair XXX. Could not locate folder F:\xxx\." I request the ability to override the drive letter, or to have it scan more broadly. (I'm using SyncToy I use the "Echo" setting.)  Actually it may handle the drive letter changing between F & G, but not between F & H, I think.


Previously, we had configured a GPO in Windows 2008 server for Disabling USB access to users [Except administrator]the policy included

1. Full access to "USBStor.inf and USBStor.pnf" for administrator & "Deny" for users

2. USBStor-START=4

but, afterwards we removed the policy and now whenever we connect a USB & try to access it we will get an error "Location not found-Access is Denied", but ther USB drivers are being installed and recognized also, the countermeasures we had taken

1. checked the USBSTOR START value to 3

2. Reversed the previously applied Policy to allow access for everyone.

afterall these we still  didn't able find the solution.i am using HP PRoliant DL 360 & 380 G6 servers

lokking forward the immediate solution


Hello all.

I am using Access 2010 and SQL Server 2008 (locally). I can easily connect to server using SSMS and it works excellent. But when I want to import a table to Access 2010 using ODBC, it says that "SQL Server doesn't exist or access denied". It worked previously - almost 3 days ago, but now, it doesn't!

Please help!

Mohammad Javahery


Hello, I must search for all drives that are an USB drive, my code was looking for removable devices and works without problem. But now I need also to detect USB that are indentified as LocalDrive, I can't find anywhere how to obtain this information.

I have tried with WMI searching for Win32_DiskDrive where InterfaceType = 'USB' with no result.

Can someone show me some code or point me in the right direction?

Thank you in advance

I ran into this problem back in the XP Embedded FP 2007 days, but I havn't been able to figure it out on my most recent Windows Embedded Standard 2009 image.  I think I had to add a special USB component.  It's really nice to be able to insert a flash drive and then unmount it to remove it especially for development purposes.

Has anybody ran into this or knows how to solve it?


It seems that SyncToy has some issues with timestamps. In robocopy there is a parameter /FFT. Using this parameter copies only 55 files instead of 3178 (in my scenario). Synctoy wants to copy 3118 files :(

How can I change the behavior of synctoy to one similar of robocopy with /fft?

Source: Local Drive on Windows Vista (NTFS)
Destination: NAS-Drive (IOMAGE Home Media Network Hard Drive)
SyncToy: 2.1.0


Client failing to access the SSRS 2008 Report manager URL with Access Denied error 401.3:


When our user tries to connect through browser or application from the client machine to SSRS 2008 report manager URL, the user gets the following error:


Access is denied.

Description: An error occurred while accessing the resources required to serve this request. You might not have permission to view the requested resources.

Error message 401.3: You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials you supplied (access denied due to Access Control Lists). Ask the Web server's administrator to give you access.


Environment Information:

SQL Server 2008 (64 bit) along with SSRS and SSIS is installed on a 64 bit machine Running Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard, 64 Edition, SP 2

Reporting services is running under a domain account and the browser service is running under the LocalSystem


The AD domain groups have been added at the Home folder in SSRS report manager to have “Browse”, “Publisher” and “Report Builder” access.


Any idea, what could be the issue? Thanks.


Hello All,

This problem has me stumped.

We are trying out CRM 4.0 and did a fresh install. We have setup CRM on two machines, one is the web server and the other acts as the SQL server. For the purposes of testing we setup AD on the SQL server.

During the installation we tried to use the domain administrator account to run the app pool but we kept getting a Verify Domain user account SPN for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM ASP.NET application pool. We looked around the forums and found a lot of posts talking about setting the SPN for the installation account so we ran the setspn tool for the <Domain Name>\administrator account (The account we were trying to use) but that did not work

So we went and set the app pool to use the Network account and the installation completed sucessfully. We used a typical setup during the installtion. So I guess all the other settings are standard.

We opened the CRM web page on the server and everything looks good. But a problem arises when we try to access the URL from a client machine (The client was joined to the CRM domain and added to CRM as a system admin). we get the following error
HTTP Error 401.1 - Unauthorized: Access is denied

The event logs do not seem to have any error reports regarding CRM.

But the wierd thing is that if we use the servers IP address we can access the server. We just can't get it. How are we able
to access the server using the ip address with out any problems
but when we try to use the computer name/ FQDN we get the above errors

Any Help would be greatly appreciated



Hi all,

I have a similar problem.

I can access to any CRM pages using IE, no problem. But if i try to access to help pages, i am receiving the error message below. (only at the help pages)

Do you have any idea?

HTTP Error 401.2 - Unauthorized: Access is denied


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