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Is there TOC and Edit by Section Functionality in Sharepoint 2010 Wiki?

Is there "TOC" and "Edit by Section" Functionality in Sharepoint 2010 Wiki?


I am currently trying to build a wiki for our users in Sharepoint 2010, but there is one particular item I just can't get right. The table of content...

I am aware of the web part TOC, but this one can't be configured to display headers for an individual page only. Instead it insist on displaying all my navigation links, for all my sites, which is quite unnecessary since they are already displayed in the navigation pane to the left.

Is there a way to create a TOC as you see on any other normal wiki page, so it would end up looking similar to my example below?

[SITE Header Example]

1. Header

1.1 Subject 1

1.2 Subject 2


2. Header 2

2.1 Subject 3 and so on...


Then the TOC should be placed in top and look similar to this.


1. Header

1.1 Subject 1

1.2 Subject 2

2. Header 2

2.1 Subject 3


Can this be done, or would it require any 3rd party plugins?

I'm a bit baffled that the build in web part isn't more configurable, since I would have guessed that MS actually would have looked at other wiki pages to see how it is done, before adding their own templates? But maybe I am missing the obvious solution? :-)

I created a wiki page library in SharePoint 2010 and added a few columns to the library. However, these columns do not show on the actual wiki pages as they did in SharePoint 2007. I looked through the library settings but didn't find anything to turn on this feature. Does anyone know how to do this or if this feature was even included in SharePoint 2010? Thanks.

We've been running MOSS 2007 for a few years now and have built up a Wiki.


I am now investigating the migration to SharePoint 2010, I've used the database attach method to copy across our Intranet site collection to a development SharePoint 2010 install (this includes our Wiki).


This works except for an error under the "Recent Changes" heading and the new 2010 Enterprise Wiki features are not available.


What I'm trying to find out is if there is a way to either upgrade the Wiki sub-site or migrate the Wiki data into a new 2010 Wiki sub-site that I can swap for the live one.


I've tried to just copy the items from the "Wiki Pages" list of the imported sub-site to the "Pages" list of a new 2010 Wiki sub-site, but they then just appear as "ASP.Net pages" and don't display the Wiki content.

I've also tried a couple of the commercial migration tools but these also just seem to copy the aspx files and leave them not viewable.


Thanks in advance




We recently upgraded SharePoint 2007 SP2 farm to SharePoint 2010 farm uisng in-place upgrade. The upgrade was successful execept the Wiki pages library pages showing unusal behavior. 

All the content in Wiki pages library under the SP 2007 site were upgraded to Wiki pages library under the same site after upgrade to SP 2010. But the WIKI tool bar is not showing the Edit button on Wiki pages and hence the Wiki content is non editable. 

We did not receive any error or informtaional message in the pre-upgradecheck on prior to upgrade.

I would highly appreciate if some could help get the issue resolved.



I have a Wiki in SharePoint 2007 that I need to migrate to SharePoint 2010.  I cannot do an in-place upgrade of the 2007 site.  What are your recommendations on how to approach this migration?

I have created a Wiki library for an internal sharepoint site, and have the problem that if multiple people are editing the same version of the wiki page, then one of them will lose their edits when they try to submit them.  I have since required a check-out of the wiki page prior to editing, which the dialog asks for when you click on edit.  However, for the check-in process, the user seems to have to go to the library and select the check-in from the drop-down.  I would prefer that this be asked when the user tries to commit their changes, so they do not need to navigate into the library.  Any decent way to work through this?

We're running all 2007 versions of our software here, if that is of any concern.




I have installed SharePoint 2010 and I installed SharePoint designer 2010 after that, but when I try to edit a page using 'Edit in SharePoint Designer' option, it shows me a page wherein it ask for downloading the SharePoint Designer. Has someone faced this issue? Please advice.







I am using Sharepoint 2010.  I have several lists whose view includes the column "Edit (Link to Item)" in the default view.  I am the site admin so when I view the list the "Edit" column appears with the small "paper and pencil" icon and it works when clicked. 

I needed some users to only be able to view and edit existing items (not add or delete).  So I have created a site level permissions that I copied from "Read" and only checked the "Edit Items  -  Edit items in lists, edit documents in document libraries, and customize Web Part Pages in document libraries" under Lists. 

This new permission level does allow users to see the edit menu on the regulsra item link, but in the"Edit" column there isn't an icon or any clickable link to edit in the column.  Only from the menu.  Its as if the icon won't appear if I don't give them Add capability which is what I don't want.


Thanks for any tips,







I have an install of SharePoint 2007 which is used my one department in my orgnaisation. They use a single site collection and have some extensive wikis in there.

We now have a company wide install of SharePoint 2010. Is there any way to "migrate" the wiki content from the 2007 install to the 2010 install or does it require 3rd party tools?


Thanks in advance!


In WSS you change the order of webparts just by moving them above or below another webpart. This does not work any longer in SP 2010. I want to move a list webpart above another list webpart. How can I do it [SP2010 Foundation].


Does anyone know if SharePoint 2010 has an out-of-the-box option to subscribe RSS feeds on Wiki pages???

We are currently looking at setting up some sort of wiki, Based on expericence sharepoint 2007 really wasn't the best solution compared to some other open source wiki's available. In particular we are looking at Mindtouch. Before we rule it out completly i would like to now what changes have been made in 2010. here is a list of features that mindtouch can offer that i would like to know if sharepoint 2010 can handle

1. Attachment History - If you attach an attachment to a wiki page can you make a change, attach it again and then see the history of the attachment itself. can Sharepoint do this?
2. Extensions - Mindtouch offeres a huge number of extensions that are used to extend the wiki features such as adding video, Code formatting and highlighter, Digg, Flickr, Linkedin, silverlight and so on. These are all free, is there as good of a collection and easy to install for sharepoint?
3. Sharepoint 2007 really didn't have much of a wiki feel to it. has this been improved?
4. Skins - Mindtough comes with a large number of skins already available to help you customise your page, are there any prebuild skins for sharepoint?
5. They offer a tool suite that does these very cool features, does sharepoint have something that handles these features.
- Explorer type app that lets you browse your pages, create new, edit delte all with the look and fell of like winodws explorer
- It lets you Drag and drop text onto a wiki page to append it to the page
- It lets you publish a wiki page directly from word and outlook, this will upload any embeded images and download any links to images then attach them to the newly created page keeping the original formatting.
6. Sharepoint 2007 had a painful process to attach an image to a page, what has change in regards to this?
7. I read somewhere sharepoint 2007 could not add comments to a wiki page, has anything change here?

and in general what else has inproved with the wiki side of things?



We notice that whenever we attempt to create a table within the SP2010 wiki small single character square boxes appear on each cell in the table. The top row is centered aligned and the 1st column is also centered aligned. All other cells are left aligned. When we look at the html source, there is no style mentioned in the <td> tags, so it would appear fonts are not loaded.

If I try and create a wiki table on a vanilla build PC, I do not get this issue. Also if I access this same wiki on a suspect PC I see the table complete with square boxes. It does appear to be PC related, but is there a CSS or something that is meant to load when displaying a wiki table ?


Hi there,

What I am trying to do is the following project:


I have a list in my Sharepoint site and I want to execute a workflow after a new item is added using Sharepoint designer 2010.

I was just wondering if it is possible to generate a wiki site and a discussion board linked to the new item created?.

I want that each new item in my list  has a Sharepoint wiki and also a discussion board


Thank you.






Our organization is currently on MOSS 07 and thinking about upgrading to 2010. 

We are currently using two Bamboo web parts to get our rollup functionality for Calendars, news/announcements & Document libraries.

 - 1) List Rollup &

- 2) Calendar View

One of the deciding factors in whether or not we will upgrade is if these roll-up functionalities are "out of the box" in the 2010 version.  (i.e. no special programming/coding/etc since we are all very new to SP).

Does anyone have any concrete answers on whether this is "out of the box" functionality in 2010? 

Thank you for your help!



I am trying to determine MS Access functionality with foundation.  I have tried to demo this on a hosted site but they tell me that linking access tables to sharepoint lists is not supported in foundation, and I need to upgrade to Access services.  I don't believe this but I can't find any documentation that describes what MS Access functionality is supported in foundation.

Your help is greatly appreciated.






I have a list with enhanced rich textbox field. I can click on Insert link, "from addres" is enabled, but "from Sharepoint" is disabled.

Is there a reason why is this button disabled? Field is enhanced rich textbox... Paste button is also disabled.





I posted this thread below under a different forum and was requested to move.  Below is our current problem and the feedback that was given.

We currently have a project server 2010 site with several workspaces associated with it.  When trying to edit the site (either from choosing edit is designer from the site actions or from trying to open from within the designer) a dialog appears asking to choose a certificate for the site.domain.com.

The certificate issued by the site is a GeoTrust certificate and checks ok when browsing the site in IE.  This Windows security dialog also appears when trying to export to excel on the same site.

Any thoughts to what we are missing?




Dear Partner,


Thank you for posting in our Partner Online Technical Community.


Based on my research, SPD could open the site which is on an extended web application for existing web application. Please refer to the following articles to check your AAM settings.


Plan alternate access mappings (Office SharePoint Server)



What every SharePoint administrator needs to know about Alternate Access Mappings (Part 1 of 3)



Please check IIS Authentication method for Web application, Windows authentication or Kerberos ? Since Kerberos authentication does not support to open in SPD.


If all the configurations are correct, I would like to explain that the service you selected now is to provide assistance for break-fix issues and prescriptive “how to” questions of SharePoint. However, the issues with opening site in SharePoint designer are out of our support scope. 


To help you more efficiently, the following resources will be more appropriate for you:


1. MSDN Forums:



2. Technet:



Thanks for your understanding!

Best regards,

Adam Zhu
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Since the suggestion below i checked to make sure we were using "Windows" authentication and was set to "Windows intergrated - NTLM, and not Kerberos".  As for the AAM...the site does not go through a proxy server.  My current AAM setup is the default which is http://servername and then an internet zone set at https://site.companydomain.com







I want to include a custom .aspx page with code behind in sharepoint 2010. This aspx page is supposed to take data 
from custom list and generate an xml. So the output is xml. Our site is an internet facing site and it is anonymous
access. Some swf files are using this aspx page to get dynamic data from list in xml format. When flash is trying
to get xml from this page sharepoint first redirects to login page. I need help from you guys, since I am new in sharepoint I got really struck here.

Thanks in advance,
Jiju Alex.




I need to create means to create pressreleases. In SharePoint 2010 Standard/Enterprise that isn't such a big deal. I create a pagelayout et voila. Seems that Foundation does not provide this functionality.

My Questions:

Is this correct? If not how can I create this functionality?

I already found this link but...




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