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Unable to use Managed Property mapped to Choice Dropdown list column in MOSS 2007

I have a choice list column containing dropdown values. I crawled the content source and created Managed Property to map it.

Also Configured Advanced Search webpart to display the property. But when I pick the property and perform search with values then no results are returned.

Can any one can help me out.?

Thanks in Advance.!


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Answer 1

Hey Jacky_123,

Unfortunately while SharePoint 2007 will let you map a managed  property to a choice  field it will not return search results for it (which is not very intuitive).  This gets better in SPS 2010 - http://www.sharepointanalysthq.com/2010/07/the-death-of-the-choice-field-in-sharepoint-2010/.

One possible work around is to change your choice column  to a lookup column, SP 2007 will then return search results from the items in the lookup column.


I hope that helps!


Answer 2

Hi Tom,

Thanks for your suggestions. Actually I tried with even lookup columns also. The problem with it is when I search for text items(values in the lookup column) search results is not returning anything.

By investigation I found out that if I search only by numbers i.e id of the lookup list  items then it is returning the required items in the search result. But it is not intuitive in nature.

So as a workaround I created a Calculated field for every dropdownlist column. Then mapped  Managed property  to these column. It is working fine then.


Answer 3

I'm glad it worked out Jacky!


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