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UniData ODBC Import

I am trying to import unidata into SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition.

I can successfully import data into MS Access.  It is simple.  I just tell Access to look at the appropriate system DSN, put in the server, database name and password, and there are all the tables to choose from.

The ODBC data source is not one of my choices in the Import/Export Wizard in SSMS.

How do I use the Import/Export Wizard to import unidata?

Thank you.



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Answer 1

Hi Joel,

Did you ever figure this out?  I'm having a similar issue, a UniData db that I need to get into either Access or SQL.  I've been unable to locate an ODBC driver for Unidata.

Thanks for any insight you can provide!



Answer 2

You will always needs a ODBC driver in the machine you are running SSIS, so your desktop and probably the server later on as well.

If you can see teh driver in the Data Sources (DSN) stuff from Control Panel,l then you should be fine.

You then need to choose the correct connection manager type in SISS, that allows you to select DSN or eneter a ODBC connection string. You can use the ODBC connection type or the ADO.NET connection, where you can choose the .Net ODBC Data Provider.


Answer 3

Well, that's the problem, and what I'd asked: I can't find an ODBC driver for Unidata...

Answer 4

Sorry, I assumed you where asking in a SSIS related manner. If you do not have the driver, have you tried IBM or an IBM forum?

If possible I'd recommend using an OLE-DB provider over ODBC, the support in the MS world is better. According to the IBM site, both are available. Is there not a client install or driver install available as part of the main software media?


Answer 5

Have you contacted your UniData DBA?  The ODBC drivers are on the client CDs.  Or have you looked at, or contacted IBM?

A quick search for "unidata odbc" in Google returned a bunch of conversations regarding this topic.  I've even found reference to a UniData OLE DB driver. 

So, at this point, you're really in the wrong forum as this is no longer an SSIS issue.

You may want to revisit this thread and provide a link to the ODBC software, or to a resource that helped solve your problem.  Otherwise, there really isn't much here for this forum.  (If anything, you can try the SQL Server Data Access Forum, but again, it's not really a SQL Server issue that you are having.)

Answer 6

I don't have a unidata dba...I have a client company with a unidata database that I'm trying to convert into my firm's SQL database.  They don't have their client CD's, and I don't have a relationship with IBM that would allow me to get a copy.

I'm aware of the Google results; that's how I found this thread to begin with.  None of the results pointing to 3rd party drivers went to viable companies that still offer the driver.  Honestly, I wasn't posting here because I thought I had an SSIS issue, I was posting in response the the original poster who seemed to have an ODBC driver.  If you know of someone that offers a usable driver, that's really all I'm looking for.



Answer 7

Darren, yes, I've tried IBM as much as I'm able since I'm not an IBM customer (see my other post) but can't find a driver I can access.  I'll happily take OLE-DB or ODBC...not picky, just need to get into the data! :-)  My client doesn't have their media and say they can't get copies since the originally contracted their install from yet another company.  What I'm ultimately needing is probably a 3rd party driver or a legitimate path to an IBM one...I've just been unable to locate one.



Answer 8

Again, try an IBM forum or some other resource.  That would yield you the best results.

A call to IBM might help as well, even though you're not a customer.  Talk to their sales department or something.  The ODBC driver might be free.

Answer 9

I am trying to import unidata into MS Access. But, from where do i get the appropriate system DSN? Thanks


Answer 10

Fritz Beco wrote:
I am trying to import unidata into MS Access. But, from where do i get the appropriate system DSN? Thanks

Using SSIS?  Either way, you need to create the ODBC DSN.

Answer 11

I think the problem you are having has to deal with the fact that the ODBC driver for Unidata is 32-bit and your SQL 2005 is 64-bit.  I'm currently working through this and if I find the answer I will follow-up with the solution.


Answer 12

FWIW, I've been working w/ unidata myself from an older SQL 2000 machine.  All I can really tell you about are the configuration settings that I've had to work with to connect to an existing unidata server.

On my SQL server (which already had the unidata drivers installed, can't help you with that, although I'm now looking for newer OLE DB / .Net drivers), I've got a linked server of the type Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC drivers.  When I script that, it looks like the following:

EXEC master.dbo.sp_addlinkedserver @server =N'UNIDATALINK', @provider=N'MSDASQL', @datasrc=N'EXEODBC', @catalog=N'EXCUNIODBC'



master.dbo.sp_addlinkedsrvlogin @rmtsrvname=N'UNIDATALINK',@useself=N'False',@locallogin=NULL,@rmtuser=N'<DOMAIN>\<USERNAME>',@rmtpassword='<domain password>'



On my server, in C:\Informix\UniClient\Config folder, I've had to modify the uci.config file when we migrated the unidata server to a new machine.  I think there's a UniAdmin tool or something which effectively modifies this file.  Inside that file, I have the following entry:


SERVICE = udserver
HOST = <unidata server name>

And within the server's ODBC settings, I have a System DSN named EXEODBC  (the "EXE" is part of the name of the database used in my scenario, it has no other significance) of type Informix UniData ODBC who's server name is, again, EXEUNIODBC, has a database name specified as "EXCUniODBC" that I guess matches with the actual unidata server.  It has a user(name) specified, but I don't think the one here is relevant.  In the ODBC Drivers tab, on this old sever, the driver version shows, UDTODBC.DLL dated 9/6/2001.

The linked server specified above once used a unidata-specific login of some sort, but I recently changed it to use a windows account.  Using the SQL "use existing credentials" option never worked, but entering the login manually did. 

I've been able to run queries against this linked server as follows (connecting to the SQL server, which specific local database you're connected to doesn't matter until you want to start moving the data over).

exec master..sp_tables_exN'UNIDATALINK',null,null,null,'''TABLE'''






into SomeNewSQLTable
fromOPENQUERY( UNIDATALINK ,'select * from SOMETABLE where NAME = ''fred''')




Answer 13

hi mtbnumber7

did you ever find a solution to this. I am currently trying to set up a linked server in sql server 2008 r2 to Unidata database. Trying various drivers without much luck.




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