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Update Phone Call activity when Regarding Lead field changes


My scenario is there is a company attribute(varchar) in phonecall.when ever phonecall activity is created for lead, company attribute(varchar) should capture the lead company name

the workflow i wrote is

if regarding(lead) | Company name | Contains Data


Update Phonecall activity (company attribute(varchar) as {Company Name(Regarding(Lead))}

This works fine me

my clarification if i update  company Name for the lead

the Attribute for the phone call activity should get updated automatically

what kind of workflow should i write

give me some example




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Answer 1

Normally, you could write  a workflow  on the Lead to watch for a change to the company  name field  and when there is a change, call  a child workflow that updates a phone  Call workflow or see if there is an option in the Workflow to update  the Regarding Phone Call activity and update the Company Name field of the activity.  However, since there may be more than one Phone Call activity  and since the Phone Call activity status might be closed, you'll most likely need to write a plug-in or custom workflow to handle the conditions of checking multiple phone call activities and dealing with the Phone Call status.

If there is only one Phone Call, you could test writing the workflow to update the Phone Call activity when the Lead "company name" field changes.


Answer 2

Your workflow  is fine  for setting the name in the first instance, but you may need to use on-form javascript on the phone  Call to recapture it in case it has changed


You could use a variation of your workflow to update  the field  when the phone call  is updated  (or completed) to make sure it is correct

If you just want the user to see the current name of the Lead make sure the regarding field is visible to them (in a view or on the form).

Why do you want to capture  this into a text field in anay case? It may be that you  are trying to solve the wrong part of the problem.



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