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Hi everyone,

i am running windows 7 RC 64 bit and maybe i am in the wrong here for running RC but first let me ask my question. I also installed VS 2010, but when i add a new form or when i connect to a database it takes about 1 minute before VS responds. Is it the Windows 7 RC or something else? I got a HP Pavilion laptop (DV6) with good specs. Also running avast and all latest updates.

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Answer 1

Major concern of Beta 1 was to deliver the functionality, without having much focus on performance. The next public version (Beta 2) will have major performance improvements. Please be patient and try again when Beta 2 arrives.

If you want to give the product team feedback, you can use http://connect.microsoft.com/visualstudio

Answer 2

Maybe so, but now that Beta 2 has been released, I'm still finding Visual Studio 2010 extremely sluggish. I'm running on a brand new machine with a quad core CPU and a powerful new NVIDIA card.

Answer 3

The same here. It is very slow, although working with a Windows Forms APP was very easy without any data access problems from SQL2k8.


Answer 4

Microsoft is really eager to hear from the feedback you want to give, especially on the performance. See the blog post of Jeff Beehler: http://blogs.msdn.com/jeffbe/archive/2009/10/29/tell-us-about-vs2010-beta2.aspx.

Use it, to help Microsoft to help you out when the product hits RTM!

Answer 5

Well...First thanks to the development team.

First thing ill do now is download Beta 2 and see if there is any change.

Ill let you all know.


Answer 6



I disagree with you completely. I have Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate Full version, and this version is beyond disgrace, the IDE takes good 1 minute to respond after one property change in the HTML Markup of a ASP.NET pages. 1 minute is grace if I am not saving. 


Answer 7

Do you have any plugins (like resharper) installed?

You could use Process Monitor (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb896645.aspx) or other tools from the SysInternals suite to investigate what gives you the slow  responsiveness.

Having to wait 1 minute is not what I am used to. And I have been working with solutions with 60+ projects.


Answer 8

Microsoft employees or the "MVPs" are humorous...

I think "Wait overnight" will be the answer to all slow  questions.

VS2010 yet another Windows Vista,  slowest IDE ever!

Stop asking the questions about the slow reason, google will tell you how slow it is on the world



Rubbish, ____, slowest ever product.


Answer 9

It is now 24 juli 2010.

I am now running W7 X64 on a quad core 2,4 GHZ with 2 GB memory.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
Version 10.0.30319

I have to say that i have seen major improvements in performance. I want to congratulate Microsoft and the Visual Studio Team on delivering this awesome product.

Sunding Wei:

I am not happy with your response. Instead of pointing us to old posts from google why don't you contribute in providing us with info so we all can look for a solution.

VS2010 yet another Vista?????? Look at the improvements Microsoft has made with Windows 7. I think Windows 7 is the best MS OS out there (Windows XP is one of them too). How many blue screens have you had with Windows 7? I had exactly One.

There's always room for improvements. We all have to add some help to make their products even better so we can all enjoy using them for our own benefits.


Answer 10


____ slow.  It is so painful to work with. 

Windows 7 x64 Quad Core Intel 9550 16 GB Ram.  Should SCREAM with that.  2008 is way better in performance.  As for 2010, take it apart and fix it.


Answer 11

I have Visual Studio 2010 running on different machines. From netbooks with 1GB to a laptop with 8GB. On every machine it runs much, much faster then VS 2008.

Do you have any add-ins or thrid party tooling installed?


Answer 12

I have Visual Studio 2010 running on different machines. From netbooks with 1GB to a laptop with 8GB. On every machine it runs much, much faster then VS 2008.

I'm sorry, I find that very hard to believe. I've found it excruciatingly slow, namely the editor. I can understand why, it has lots of intellisense improvements that I love. I believe it comes down the speed of your individual processors. Have an AMD 9150e x4, each core is a mere 1.8ghz (granted AMD clocks slower due to its CPUs leaning more towards the CISC side of the spectrum than Intel's). Its slugglish... real sluggish. VS2008 was a breeze. To fill out the specs, 8GB of RAM and an SSD. I have NO VS plug-ins installed.

I love VS2010 though, so will probably have to upgrade at least my CPU to run it smoothly. I think this is the experience of most people who are looking at it objectively and use it enough to know.

Of course, different functions of it may run better or worse, so perhaps the portions you use aren't the portions other use. As a native C++ guy, I can tell you this thing crawls during editing. Its just barely tolerable. For other languages, I can't say. Maybe Intellisense is faster in projects structured better. Regardless, the claim that it is faster than VS2008 on every machine you installed it on is .. well, just unbelievable (to me).

EDIT: I'm also running Win7 x64 .. FWIW. It seems many who complain are running x64. Too bad there's not a 64-bit build of VS2010, that may help. Still, it shouldn't be *this* slow  in comparison to VS2008. Also, I know this thread is old, but I'm using the final release.

Jeremy Collake

Answer 13


You're right, I'd this add-in installed and as soon as I uninstall it, ide runs like a charm :)





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