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I have installed MySql Connector 6.3.2 Beta. I am able to use the references of MySql.Data and MySql.Data.Entity. But i am not able to create a connection in DataBase browser tab in VS 2010. I am not able to get MySql Connector listed in Data Source list box in the add new Conhnection Dialog box!!... 

I have VS 2008 residing on the same machine, where i can create the Connection of MySql using MySql Datasource. But not in VS 2010 Express.


I reinstalled this a number of times, with VS 2010 uninstalled, but the same prevails. The problem is only with VS2010 Express. 


Please guide if there is fix for this




Parth J Joshi



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Answer 1

This is a limitation of the Express editions of Visual Studio.  They offer very limited designer support for databases.  For example, you can't connect to a standard SQL Server database  using the Visual Studio designers using an Express edition, only a "user instance" database.

You can still work with MySQL databases via code using the .NET Framework.

While I'm guessing this isn't the answer you were hoping for, I hope that knowing that you're running into a limitation of the Express edition helps save you some time searching around for the cause of the behavior.


Answer 2

Thansk sir, 


that is what i discovered


And yes.. you are correct, the you can code in visual studio using MySQL Connector, but not able to do the Database Designing. 




Parth J Joshi





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