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Web Part Page doesn't show current navigation


I'm having a problem with the navigation of web part page in Sharepoint 2010.

For starters I need to say that I am a web designer and learning to brand Sharepoint 2010 wich means I'm not that tech-savvy so bear with me.

We have created an intranet publishing site with Sharepoint 2010 and I have designed a custom master page with styles through Visual Studio 2010. The intranet site looks fine with the new design and I got navigation working with fly out menus, semantic subpages etc.

The problem is: when I create a normal page the current sub-navigation is shown and it even shows my created web part page and all is fine, but once I go to this web part page, the left/sub-navigation disappears and I have no idea how to bring it back.

The web part page uses the same master file as every other page.

Everything with the the layout stays the same as my masterpage, except for the menu wich disappear so I thought it might be some property missing on the sub-navigation.

Or do I need to edit something in the web part page layout in the gallery?: Master Page Gallery > BlankWebPartPage.aspx
If so can I do it from Visual Studio?

Here is the code for the left navigation menu:

	    <!-- styles needed to have left nav to the left of the main area -->
	    <div id="s4-leftpanel" class="s4-notdlg">
		    <!-- The quick launch bar / left navigation -->
        <div class="sub-nav">
		      <asp:ContentPlaceHolder id="PlaceHolderLeftNavBar" runat="server">
		    <!-- The small menu attached Quick Launch bar. Used only on very specific pages -->
		    <asp:ContentPlaceHolder id="PlaceHolderLeftActions" runat ="server"/>


Need help urgent!



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Answer 1

It works editing the webpart page  hiding:

 <asp:Content ContentPlaceHolderId="PlaceHolderLeftNavBar" runat="server"></asp:Content>
<SharePoint:UIVersionedContent ID="WebPartPageHideQLStyles" UIVersion="4" runat="server">
<style type="text/css">
body #s4-leftpanel {
.s4-ca {

However I'd like to know what I need to edit in the WebPart page template (BlankWebPartPage) So I don't need to do this every time i create a new webpart page.


Answer 2

I got the advice that modifying existing page  layout templates can be bad for future compability so I should make a new custom page layout.

If so is there a tutorial somewhere that tells how to make those?


Answer 3



You can create a custom page  layout via UI and then customize it via SharePoint Designer. Creating a page layout using Visual Studio is also available.


Here are some step by step tutorials that are worth looking at:




Thanks & Regards.


Answer 4


Thanks for your reply.

I created a custom web  part page  and the left menu is showing up as intended.

However I have problem with the page title that usually shows up on all other pages doesn't show.
It have this id: "PlaceHolderPageTitleInTitleArea" .

I don't want a webpartpage title because it has wrong formatting (alot of tables) and it doesn't recognize the name of the page I created.

I think what I'm looking for having a solution here but it doesn't work for me in SP2010:

I get the following error message:
Parser error: Unknown server tag "SharePointWebControls:TextField.

Any idea what I should do?




I would like to ask about what happened to full page web part page? In Moss2007 when i created a webpart page i had it from left to right without the left navigation pane. I would like to do the same in Sharepoint 2010, but now i am still getting the left navigation pane. Any quick way how to do this or how to get the left pane away - only on that page?

Thank you,



I have one custom new form for a list, and i have added some parameters. and want to auto populate current user details by using current user filter webpart.

While modifing the current user web part properties, Like select value to Provide --> sharepoint profile value for curent user, and click on OK, Nothing will happen, the page will remain as such. only close is working.

wat is the issue, whr things goes wrong?

please guide me, thanks in Advance.

Here's my setup:
All Hyper-V machines
Windows 2008 level domain
SQL Server 2005 SP3 installed on Windows 2008 R2 x64
MOSS 2007 installed on Windows 2008 R2 x64 using above SQL
TFS 2008 installed on Windows 2008 x86 using same SQL Server and using MOSS for WSS (i.e., TFS does not use a lcoally installed SQL or locall installed WSS)
Report server is installed on the same VM as TFS by the TFS installer, but I have never used the report site (I'm quite new at this). Reports uses IIS's "Default Web Site" while TFS has its own site, again, as configured by the installer.

All is well so far. Create several new test projects based on both Agile and CMMI. For every project, as soon as it is created, the web portal displays an error at the bottom of the home page. I;ve reproduced it below.

I have not found any remotely interesting links on the web based on a search of the phrases "Remaining Work" "Unknown Error"
However, I did find a link that seems to indicate that errors with this web part are typically a problem with querying the report server. I do not know anything about the report engine, having used it (did I mention that above? yes I did)

Remaining Work

Go back to site
Unknown Error

Troubleshoot issues with Windows SharePoint Services.



I am using XML viewer web part in 2010.

Is it possible to get the current page URL in my XSLT ? 

Tried to get this working using a javascript call, but ended up with "scripting is disabled" error. Please suggest.



Basically, I have a SharePoint Foundation site I'm building out with lots of lists and libraries being related with lookup columns and metadata.  After getting everything setup and all my items associated with the proper metadata, I created a web part page.  On this page, I put each of my associated lists/libraries with special views to optimize screen usage.  Lastly, I connected them all with web part connections - they all are filtered by the main web part.  The filter works wonderfully, and I can browse to it with an authenticated user, but anonymous users get a Windows prompt every time.

- On the web app, I have no policy set for Anonymous Users, and Anonymous Access ie enabled
- On the Site Collection, Anonymous Users allowed to see the "Entire Web Site"
- On the Site Pages library, Anonymous Users have the "View Items" permission
- On every page, list, and library in the site, Anonymous users have access and can see data except my one page with web part connections
- In the Site Pages library, Anonymous Users can see the page shown as a file
- If I remove all web part connections, then the Anonymous User no longer gets prompted and can see the page

Here is the version of the page without web part connections:

http://www.cospug.com/SitePages/test2.aspx (cluttered with all data due to no filtering)

That page is built the same way as this page except that this one has web part connections:

http://www.cospug.com/SitePages/Involvement.aspx (if you could see it, you'd see it filtering by the Presenter on all web parts)

Was it like this in 2007, is it a bug, is it by design, and does anyone know a workaround?


For each new person that is added to a company department, we add a contact details webpart and their picture to the departmental page. We can't seem to add any more than that, the contact details webpart and their name shows up, but no picture. The other 7 pictures do continue to show up. Is there a limitation on the contact details webpart?



I am going to have around 8 SSAS filters that need to connect to various Excel Web Parts.  Now, I know I can create the filters and the excel web part and connect them when they are on the same page.  However, instead of taking up space on my page with filters, I wanted to click a button and bring up another web part page with all my filters in it, and then connect those filters from that page to my Excel web part on my original page, but it doesn't let me.  Any ideas?




Hi there,

Has anybody else seen the issue whereby a QueryString web part does not get displayed (even on edit page) with a rich content area? If I add a Business Connectivity web part to the same error, then edit the properties of that web part, suddenly the QueryString webpart(s) all appear. I ccan then edit the properties of the QueryString web part. that worked for a while, now that workaround has stopped working unfortunately. Any ideas?

(I presume the web part is indeed still there, as the other web parts say they are still connected to it).



All of a suddent the edit menu on all the web parts on a web part page are missing when the page is in edit mode. The only edit functionality available to me is "Edit Title Bar Properties".  I am the site owner.  I don't know if I did something to make this happen or if I'm experience some SP weirdness all of a sudden.
This is a simple question.  I have a Page Viewer Web Part on my SharePoint page with a link to a remote web page containing reports.  If I test the link, the page loads correctly, but when I apply the link, I simply get the white background.  I've tried other links as a test, and they work correctly.  Could this be a trust issue or something cross-domain?  Thanks in advance.


I am building out a bunch of wiki sites to build a company's intranet. We are mainly using the Enterprise Wiki site template, but sometimes we use Document Workspace, etc.

The problem I am having is that the newly created sites set the top navigation to "Current site and below" and I really wish it would just always inherit the top navigation through the entire site (with highlighting, no pages).

Does anyone know how I can enforce this all the way through my site? I will be recreating all the subsites from scratch soon too. I am not using a custom site definintion, everything is out of the box.





How do I make the title of a list appear within the web part and have the "blue bar" appear behind it. The ootb categories, other blog posts, and links does this. but, how do i make a new list do the same?

If I could do this, then I could have one site for my blog that includes links to documents and lists from the navigation.



I noticed that my multi language site have some issues in translations. The translations in breadcrumb, list and libraries are all ok, except the list names in the Quick Launch navigation and the Table Of Contents Web Part, it does not translate the names of lists and libraries......

Can anybody give me some advise? Or is this a bug?


Hi there,

I have a site collection for a form and workflow solution, which is getting a <!-- RENDER FAILED --> error across all of the lists, libraries, views, web parts and navigation (quick launch and top navigation). It appears the site is unable to render anything other than the basic shell of the site (app pages etc. are working fine). I have also noticed that the Nintex workflows that exist in the library are not showing in the "Manage Workflows" page.

After looking at the Event log on the front end server, Publishing errors have started from the time that the render error started. The error has the following details:

Console Configuration File Error: XML Exception: Cannot complete this action.

Please try again.

I'm not sure if this error is related, but I thought I'd include it. I'm aware of the various blogs talking about the render failed for list views etc, but this is the entire site including workflows, so I'm leaning away from that a bit.

Has someone has possibly come across this before?


I've followed the MSDN walkthrough for Creating a Custom Web Part with a Contextual Tab in the Ribbon:

It works fine if I have only one instance of the web part on the page. As soon as I add a second ContextualTabWebPart, I get the following error:

Item has already been added. Key in dictionary: 'Ribbon.CustomContextualTabGroup'  Key being added: 'Ribbon.CustomContextualTabGroup'

It looks like there needs to be some sort of logic in the AddContextualTab method below, but how do I do a check to see if something (contextualTab, template) has already been registered? I also tried moving the contents of the two private strings, 'contextualTab' and 'contextualTabTemplate' into a CustomAction block in an elements.xml file instead of registering it through the AddContextualTab method and that did not error out, but the contextual tab never appeared when I clicked on the web part.

        privatevoid AddContextualTab()
            //Gets the current instance of the ribbon on the page.
            Microsoft.Web.CommandUI.Ribbon ribbon = SPRibbon.GetCurrent(this.Page);
            //Prepares an XmlDocument object used to load the ribbon extensions.
            XmlDocument ribbonExtensions = new XmlDocument();
            //Load the contextual tab XML and register the ribbon extension.
            ribbon.RegisterDataExtension(ribbonExtensions.FirstChild, "Ribbon.ContextualTabs._children");
            //Load the custom templates and register the ribbon extension.
            ribbon.RegisterDataExtension(ribbonExtensions.FirstChild, "Ribbon.Templates._children");

Any help on this would be much appreciated!


i have a application with in that i want specific number of records (say10) remaining it should show when i click 'btnNext' control using dataGridview in ado.net in C#  ie, how to show data navigation for form using datagridview in ado.net using C#


Our company would like to eliminate the Left Navigation on the Home page on our top level site. But only for the home page. However, I'm not up to par on SharePoint Designer, let alone Visual Studio. Would it be bad practice to create a new "Web Part Page" and set as the Homepage? As far as I can tell, it "looks" fine for the users, but as an administrator I noticed the ribbon has less options than if I were to use the original main page of a publishing site.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...

Ps... can you tell I'm a SharePoint Admin Newbie



I have a htm file that was generated in a seperate application, which I stored in a document library in a sharepoint site.
On this site I want to display this htm page on the homepage.
I have added a Page Viewer Web Part and I've set it to Web Page and the URL to the page.

When I do that the homepage prompts me if I want to open or save this htm file. If I chose open, then it will break out of the sharepoint interface and display the htm only.

I also tried adding a content editor webpart and add an ifram in the source editor, but this gives the same result.
In SP2007 this worked without any problems.

How can I display a htm page "in page" in SharePoint ?


Hello all,

Has anyone found a solution that will allow me to have page numbers for paging in a data view web part. For instance, if I have 40 items/rows and I set the paging to display 10 items, I'd like the paging to show 1 2 3 4 rather than showing 1-10 and having to click next over and over to get to a specific item.

I found this article, but it is for 2003 and doesn't seem to apply to 2007 or if it does I am not able to really figure out how.


Please help!

Thanks in advance.



Hi there,

I have a web part that was working perfectly fine in a wiki page (in the site pages library) - however as soon as I add that web part to a webpart page I lose some of my styles that are applied inline.

More specifically I had some inline styles in a <tr> tag to show a border-bottom however that border-bottom just does not display in the webpart page.

In the wiki page it displays perfectly fine.

Any help is appreciated.

Note: The reason I don't want to use a wiki page is because of this known problem: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/981227




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