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Embedded VLC player works in IE8, not in IE9?


The code below works fine in IE8, but in IE9 the actual player is missing. The sounds&controls work, but no vid. What has changed? ActiveX plugin is local.

<!DOCTYPEhtmlPUBLIC"-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN""http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"><htmlxmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"><head><metacontent="text/html; charset=utf-8"http-equiv="Content-Type"/><title>Vids</title><linkhref="main.css"rel="stylesheet"type="text/css"/></head><body><divid="player"><objecttype="application/x-vlc-plugin"id="vlcplayer"width="864px"height="540px"classid="clsid:9BE31822-FDAD-461B-AD51-BE1D1C159921"><paramname="Volume"value="100"/><paramname="AutoPlay"value="true"/><paramname="AutoLoop"value="false"/></object></div><divid="controls"><inputtype="button"onclick="play();"value="Play"/><inputtype="button"onclick="pause();"value="Pause"/><inputtype="button"onclick="stop();"value="Stop"/><inputtype="button"onclick="mute();"value="Mute"/></div><h1>My vids</h1><ol><li><ahref="javascript:;"onclick='player("Vid1.flv");'>Click a vid!</a></li></ol><scripttype="text/javascript"language="javascript">var vlc = document.getElementById("vlcplayer");
	function player(vid) {
    try {
    	var options = new Array(":aspect-ratio=16:10", "--rtsp-tcp", ":no-video-title-show");
      var id = vlc.playlist.add(vid,'Video',options);
      vlc.video.fullscreen = true;
    catch (ex) {
	function mute(){
	function play(){
	function stop(){
	function pause(){ 
  function fullscreen(){

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Answer 1


The feedback site for IE9 Beta is connect.microsoft.com/ie

What part of BETA don't you understand?

looks like you are missing a data/video attribute. The HTML5 spec requires that the browser does not spawn a request for empty scr and data attributes. Maybe setting the autoplay parameter to false will give you cross-browser behavior.

Posting a snippet is useless.... Please post a link to your working web site or a test page on a publicly accessible web site.


Answer 2

Thanks, Rob,

I understand beta very well, 'cause of I'm ex-MSFTE. But what I don't understand is how can a browser support HTML5 so tight even if HTML5 is not yet standard? And if it follows only HTML5 but not current then there_might_ be a problem. So, this not a feedback, I just asked where I'd start a troubleshooting; is it html/css/player plugin/whatever - that's why the code is here. And on some forums snippets work very well.

Anyway, tried to add data attribute - didn't work. Scr attribute is not supported in XHTML 1.0 Transitional.


Answer 3


look at your code... you have set autoplay=true when the playlist is empty at pageload.

Press F11 then select the Script tab, place a breakpoint on the player  function then press the 'Start Debugging' button.

If you are satisfied that it is not your coding then please submit an issue report.

Yes it is BETA.... I know its not RTM.. I know there are some real woozies in IE9 Beta that have to be fixed yet. You can submit issue reports at connect like other MSFT or Public 'testers'. Connect won't reply with a detailed response of why or why not either.. If it works  it works... if it doesn't, it hasn't been fixed yet or it is not in their mission statements (see Help>Whats new in IE9).

The Fat lady hasn't even stepped up to the podium yet.



Answer 4

It's not autoplay - autoplay just tells if the current playlist should be played automatically or not. It's only control and has no affect to video image rendering.

I want to play videos on my SharePoint site. Can I integrate it to play with VLC player instead of Windows Media player and if yes how? There are a few videos whose formats are not supported by Windows Media player and hence this requirement.

Hi, I'm trying to play a video file by executing the player file and calling the "open" method. Although it works perfectly on GOM player, it does not work in VLC player, Windows Media Player and BS player. I tried other methods instead of "open" such as "url", "play", etc. but they are useless. Below the working code is shown:

Dim PlayerPath AsString = "C:\Program Files\GRETECH\GomPlayer\GOM.exe"Dim process As Process = New Process
 process.StartInfo.FileName = PlayerPath
 process.StartInfo.Verb = "open"
 process.StartInfo.Arguments = VideoPath

In VLC player, this "open" method works only on video files which do not contain space character. When it contains, the player returns an error like this:

Unable to open 'F:\Vid\The'
Unable to open 'French'
Unable to open 'Connection.avi'

What should I do?



Hi all!!


Does anybody know how to start a video on vlc player embedded in a form?

I add the VideoLAN VLC ActiveX Plugin v1 and v2 to toolbox, and place both to my form.

What is the code to start a video playing on VLC embedded to forms?



I happen to work for Best Ad Advertising and am posting this message on behalf of the company. The website is not working in IE9 it seems to us to be the JS font file we have that converts the text in the menu and some parts of the site. In IE9 it shows up blank.

It worked fine in IE8 and works fine in right now in Google Chrome and Firefox. We even tried linking the script in each PHP file to the a diffrent JS font file and IE9 blocked it and made everything blank.


This is another glitch you guys will have to fix. Is there any way around this? We need this fixed as soon as possible please inform up the ladder.

The website is www.bestad.org


Here is the font script that connected the JS file thats getting blocked in IE9. We even tryed a new font style JS file and it also blocked that....


<script type="text/javascript" src="js/AvantGarde_Bk_BT_700.font.js"></script>



Any ideas how to fix this?


Strangely and just recently some hyperlinks failed to work on some web pages. Even more oddly, on a page with a number of similar hyperlinks most would work fine but the odd one just wouldn't do anything, not even open a blank page. This was in ie8. So I installed ie9 beta and the same problem exists so it clearly has something to to with the common elements between ie8 and ie9.

Can anyone throw any light on this please.

David Allen



Somehow my Internet Explorer installation got damaged in a very weird way. Every time I try to open second tab, the new tab hangs with the "New tab" message and suddenly I cannot click anything in the IE interface except the webpage frame - meaning I can interact with a webpage (in the first tab) but I cannot click the Back button, Forward, Settings, even the icon in the taskbar (it triggers the sound event when you click the parent window of a modal window) etc. To sum it up I just can't do anything with the IE except the frame of the first tab web page. If I want to close IE, I have to do it with the task manager. Nothing else except the frame of the first tab is responding.

I tried:

Reset IE8 settings

Run IE8 in safe mode

Run IE8 without plugins

Uninstall and reinstall IE8

Install IE9

Nothing helps.

Please, I don't know what to do with this sh*t. Oh, and I don't want to reintsall the whole OS. Thanks.



i cant play poker on facebook the texas holdem


when i inter there i got the following problems


1. it shows me to get adobe flash player

2. the we page will freeze or the whole ie9 will freeze


my ie9 platform preview, win 7 x64 ultimate


please help


I keep getting a message (for various programs) that there's a missing component (Adobe Flash) but when I try to download it to IE8, another message declares that it doesn't work with 64 bit.net framework.  


1.  What to do now?

2.  Is MS working with Adobe to get onto the same page?


hello, well this is to the technical and developemnt from Microsoft: i really hope that IE9 will use less resourcess less memory ram, because with IE8 when i surf and play online games the IE8 old version use much ram-memory and make my pc worm and the CPU is high with IE8 so i hope they will change this in new version of IE9 and make it fast so whatever website i join or play games-online it will not use high CPU and it will not use as much memory-ram as IE8 ?



As my title says, I reverted to IE8 mainly b/c new browser would not open some java options. Encountered issues w/wunderground's, Schwab's and many other websites where Java was available but not working (it does with IE8).

Finally, I would like the option to personalize the various items that IE8 loads up. For instance, let me move the "command line" for file etc to where I want it to be. Same holds true for some of the other items like the "home" icon etc. This way, when IE9 is ready for use, I can personalize it the way I want to use it.



With all of the hype about IE9 beta I'm disappointed that none of my flash player sites work.  I've installed the flash player beta for IE9 and it does not help.  Many sites do not recognize that version.  So I want to go back to IE8, but haven't been able to figure out how to do it.

IHMO IE9 beta should not have been released until the flash player issue was resolved.


With all of the hype about IE9 beta I'm disappointed that none of my flash player sites work.  I've installed the flash player beta for IE9 and it does not help.  Many sites do not recognize that version.  So I want to go back to IE8, but haven't been able to figure out how to do it.

IHMO IE9 beta should not have been released until the flash player issue was resolved.


OS Win 7 32bit. Same problem with IE8 and IE9. No problems with Live Mail or with internet using Google Chrome.

IE8 was opening but had Google Redirect problem. Started using Chrome to find answers. Went back to IE8 repeatedly, (deleted history, temp files, opened with blank page, no add-ons, fresh reboot) all without success. Eventually IE8 would open to display its outside "frame" with no text or error messages.

Upgraded to IE9 beta. Results are the same, although now I have the ability to go to what I assume is a tools icon (no labels on screen). Tried deleting history, temp files, opening with blank page, no add-ons, fresh reboot(many times)-- all without success.

System did have several malware and/or virus problems (ran ZoneAlarm Extreme, Malaware, Spybot at deepest settings), but resolving/removing those has not helped. Also tried MS Fixit for IE.

 Win 7 is an upgrade from OEM Vista. Total recovery and re-install of both OS is probably possible, but would be very difficult, although all data is backed up externally.

I miss IE. Can anyone help?


I need the statusbar text of the active IE window in my app. In IE 8 the statusbar displays the link text when i'm over a hyperlink. In IE9, this information is displayed in a popup box. With the code below, it was possible to get the link text. But this does not work in IE9.

Is there a way to get the information out in IE9? Unfortunately, i don't know the class structure.

Thanks for a hint.

Function WebGetStatusbarUrlIE8() AsStringDim hWndIETab As UIntPtr
		Dim hWndIEFra As UIntPtr
		Dim hWndIESta As UIntPtr
		Dim hWndIE As UIntPtr = FindWindow("IEFrame", Nothing)
		If hWndIE <> UIntPtr.Zero Then' IE8
			hWndIEFra = UIntPtr.Zero
				hWndIEFra = FindWindowEx(hWndIE, hWndIEFra, "Frame Tab", Nothing)
				If hWndIEFra <> UIntPtr.Zero Then
					hWndIETab = UIntPtr.Zero
						hWndIETab = FindWindowEx(hWndIEFra, hWndIETab, "TabWindowClass", Nothing)
						If hWndIETab <> UIntPtr.Zero Then
							hWndIESta = FindWindowEx(hWndIETab, UIntPtr.Zero, "msctls_statusbar32", Nothing)
							If hWndIESta <> UIntPtr.Zero ThenDim s AsString = ""
								s = s.PadRight(255)
								Dim n As UIntPtr = SendMessage(hWndIESta, WM_GETTEXT, CType(255, UIntPtr), s)
								s = Left(s, CInt(n))

								'Debug.Print(s)If s.StartsWith("http://") OrElse s.StartsWith("javascript:") ThenReturn s.Substring(0, CInt(n))
									ExitDoEndIfEndIfEndIfLoopUntil hWndIETab = UIntPtr.Zero
				EndIfLoopUntil hWndIEFra = UIntPtr.Zero


I downloaded and installed Internet Explorer 9 Beta, not realising that it would remove IE8. I have been to a few web sites that I veisit quite frequently- www.philipcatshill.co.uk which was created in Publisher 2003 does not show pictures at all.  www.gametwist.com does show pictures and they open a new window as before... but then nothing... I WANT MY IE8 BACK but when I try and install it from the Microsoft site, I get an Error - "Cannot install older version as ...."  IE9 does not seem to have anyway of uninstalling it so can someone please help! I tried using the feedback form but apparantly I am not authorised to provide feedback!!!!!!

I would really appreciate some help here please... the internet is no fun without pictures!



IN IE8 I knew whether a pop-up was blocked, which security settings I was using, that the reassuring protected mode is on and  inprivate filtering is doing its work (allways on with custom add block lists)

In IE9 I only get the magnifier level (in which I have no intrests). Please give me back my extra information. People who think it is useless can opt to hide the status bar (is default in IE9), when you want to display it, please let it display some usefull info :-(



If I set the uiMode to full and the FullScreen to true. I can verify that the loop is being set correctly, because the repeat icon on the WMP screen turns on if loop is set to true or turns off if loop is set to false.

So, I know that the WMP is getting the loop setting correctly. 

However, I get the following behavior:

1)loop is set to false
2)the last item in the playlist finishes
3)the WMP playstate returns "Ready"
4)the WMP turns the FullScreen mode OFF 
5)the WMP starts playing from the beginning of the list

effectively ignoring the fact that the loop is set to false.

Any ideas what might be happening here? or how to solve it?



I use the following html to show media player on the web-page rendered in IE 8:


After starting playback the size of the control stays the same.

However, when I create the control dynamically in JavaScript, after starting the video the control increases to the size of the video. Here is the code:

 player = document.createElement('object');
 player.setAttribute("classid", "CLSID:6BF52A52-394A-11D3-B153-00C04F79FAA6");
 player.setAttribute("type", "application/x-ms-wmp");
 player.setAttribute("width", "200");
 player.setAttribute("height", "200"); 

 Is it a bug or am I missing something? How can I preserve the same size of the video as the original size of the control?

Thank you.

P.S. Btw, if I set control's attributes in JavaScript in different order ("classid" after "type"), then control does not render. Do you know what might be a problem.


Hi all,

I'm wanting to embed video in my c# form, but the form is later going to be rendered into a directX context by grabbing its window drawing context. Therefore Windows Media Player doesn't show in the directX application (presumably it renders using directShow?) 

Is there an alternative?


Hi. I'm using an embed windows media player in a windows form in vb.net. 

The Media Player has the uiMode = none. The Media Player Control has a fixede size of width = 480 and height =320

The videos plays fine, but when i pause a video(with a button of my form) the windows media player change its size without any reason. it happens sometimes when the video starts too. Does Anybody know why this is happening and how can i fix it?. 

Please forgive my english. I need help. Any suggestions or article you know about this topic.



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